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Submissive escape, dominated by the right man drives me crazy. It takes a very strong, SENSUAL man to dominate a sophisticated female like myself into submissive phone sex.  I’m NOT looking for the…

celebrity sex stories

Celebrity Sex Stories – How I Unknowingly Became Famous*

Celebrity Sex Stories And How I Became Famous Everybody loves celebrity sex stories because everyone loves to gossip. However, this is a fun phone sex story where I broadcast my sexual encounter for…

babysitter sex stories

Babysitter Sex Stories – A Dexter Morgan Fan Fiction*

Babysitter Sex Stories – A Dexter Morgan Fan Fiction Babysitter sex stories are some of my favorite because who can deny some hot teen phone sex, right? So, I have this kinky fantasy…

erotic literature

Erotic literature turns me on

I love erotic literature. Erotic literature is a lot more likely to turn me on than porn. Call me pretentious (or just call me a pervert), but I’ve had to dog-ear many…

erotic literature

Erotic Literature: Getting Lost In Dirty Fiction Stories!*

Erotic Literature: Porn for the Imaginative mind! I’ve always been an avid reader, so my dive into erotic literature shouldn’t really shock. Well anyone, really. It started off when I was a…


Songs and Sex: Mandatory Music To Set My Mood*

Certain songs actually make me wet. I was around 5 when I first heard Rod Stewart’s “Tonight’s The Night” and, although it didn’t make me wet (and I didn’t know he was…

Porn addiction

From Porn to Role Play then…More

Who doesn’t like some naughty porn to spice things up? Porn has changed me more than I could have imagined. I’ve always been fairly kinky, dirty minded, and willing to try new…

Giant Dick

Giant dick and Elsa the Ice Princess

Elsa loves giant dick! You know the story of Frozen. It has been EVERYWHERE since it came out. But do you know what happened while Elsa was in her ice castle alone?…


It’s Only Biting If You Leave A Mark!

It’s Only Biting If You Leave A Mark! I could feel his eyes biting into me as his cold. His twisted mind began to ponder over what to do to me next.…

sticky, naughty schoolgirl

Getting Taught a Sticky Lesson

I never was one to focus in school, let alone get any work done. I always had other things on my mind… Like I wonder what Mr. Fitz looked like naked, how…

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