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embarrassing sex stories

Embarrassing Sex Stories: Humiliation for Jack, the SPH King

Embarrassing sex stories are usually normal: I bumped my head during sex, or I accidentally broke my boyfriend’s dick while riding him.  But Jack,  owner of the smallest genitalia I have ever seen,…

Embarrassing Sex Stories With Brittany 888.416.2401

Oops! You’re Not My Date – Part 2

Embarrassing Sex Stories I listen to and tell a lot of pantyhose sex stories while having phone sex at Phone Sex Kingdom. And, as my time as a phone sex operator, I…

Sex Sent Me to the ER Embarrassing Sex Stories

Sex Sent me to the ER ~ Embarrassing Sex Stories ~

The night was nothing like we wanted Who has Embarrassing Sex Stories? I do! It all Started with an innocent night out with my friends. We were just going to go to…

embarrassing sex stories

Embarrassing sex stories: Rescuing my best friend from sex hell

Embarrassing sex stories that will make you think twice before hiring a hooker I don’t believe anyone’s weekend could top mine. It’s one of those embarrassing sex stories I shouldn’t tell but…

Embarrassing Sex Stories

Embarrassing Sex Stories: Moose and the Pickup Sex

I’m not sexy all the time, as my embarrassing sex stories can point out. In my embarrassing sex stories, I’ve often had to put my foot in my mouth or rethink my…



WIFE CUCKOLD – MAKE ME DO YOUR BIDDING, SIR! A wife cuckold is something to behold, indeed.  It takes cultivation, a certain amount of misery…and revenge by the heap!  I never knew…

Embarrassing Sex Stories

Embarrassing Sex Stories: My Leaked Sex Tape

I used to love reading about Embarrassing Sex Stories. They are all fun and games until you are the lucky one involved. 🙄 My embarrassing sex story involves me, a hot guy with a beautiful cock,…

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