drunken fun

  • incest

    Incest Weekend Diaries: A Drunken Threesome with my Cousins

    Incest Threesome with my Cousins;) They say that incest is best. Well you’ve all heard of kissing cousins right? I suppose what they say is true! At least it was for me. I had a drunken weekend with my cousins that I won’t soon forget! We have, well they...
  • bang

    BANG THIS! Tara’s New and Improved Idea For An Old Saying

    End the year with a bang. Each year (after barely surviving being jingled, tinseled, ho ho ho’d, etc.) I face the dilemma of choosing which New Year’s Eve party to attend.  Although each invite says “Join us as we end <insert year> with a bang and ring in <insert...
  • Threesome

    Friends, Threesome and naughty drunken fun.

    A night of Threesome Sex and good friends having a little naughty fun. Threesome fun- Last week my friends and I decided that we needed a girl’s night out just us friends little did we know it was a night we would never forget. We started too pregame before...