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  • little sister

    Giving My Husband My Little Sister And Her Cherry For His Birthday!

    My little sister is much younger than me and she is perky and cute and just full of herself. She is the spitting image of me at that age and the perfect little cock tease. Unlike me, she has decided that she won’t give it up until she is...
  • incest

    Incest Weekend Diaries: A Drunken Threesome with my Cousins*

    Incest Threesome with my Cousins They say that incest is best. Well, you’ve all heard of kissing cousins right? I suppose what they say is true! At least it was for me. I had a drunken weekend with my cousins that I won’t soon forget! Here is my naughty threesome...
  • bang

    BANG THIS! New and Improved Idea For An Old Saying*

    End the year with a bang. Each year (after barely surviving being jingled, tinseled, ho ho ho’d, etc.) I face the dilemma of choosing which New Year’s Eve party to attend.  Although each invite says “Join us as we end <insert year> with a bang and ring in <insert...
  • Threesome

    Friends, Threesome and naughty drunken fun.

    A night of Threesome Sex and good friends having a little naughty fun. Threesome fun- Last week my friends and I decided that we needed a girl’s night out just us friends little did we know it was a night we would never forget. We started too pregame before...