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choking games

Did You Ever Play Choking Games Growing Up?

Do you remember getting talked to about choking games growing up? Were you one o...

choke fetish

Choke Fetish: He Loves When I Almost Pass Out From Choking♕

Choke Fetish: He Loves When I Almost Pass Out From Choking Choke fetish sounds a...

Gisele has a choking fetish

Choking Fetish; Gasping For Air

I Wanted Him To Try Choking Fetish With Me The latest guy I’ve been dating...

Passionate Love-Making

Hours Of Passionate Love-Making And Cum Swallowing!*

I had no idea that we would end up with so much passionate love-making… Th...


Fetish: My Boy Toy and I Love Our Asphyxiation Fetish!*

Our Fetish Maybe a Little Dangerous, but the Risks Makes my Pussy Drip! We’re ...


I was scared to indulge in this guy’s choking fetish, but I am glad that I did.

I found out the guy that I was fucking had a choking fetish when he wrapped his ...

Rough sex can be hot with C.J.

Rough Sex ; Sometimes I like It Very Rough

This guy I have been seeing is kind of rough in the bedroom This guy I have been...

BDSM Sex Stories

BDSM Sex Stories – Choking Fetish & How To Do It SAFELY*

BDSM Sex Stories – Choking & How To Do It Safely BDSM sex stories are ...

adult sex stories

Adult Sex Stories: Nothing is Hotter then Kinky Choking

Do you enjoy reading adult sex stories? What about one of my hot adult sex stori...

rough sex

Rough Sex: Mine and Yours New Favorite Past Times

Rough sex is one of my favorite past times. And now I know it’s yours too. Fir...

Rough Sex Choking Sex

Rough Sex I Need To Be Fucked Choked Used And Abused*

I Was used and abused last night during Rough Sex and have the bruises from bein...

choke sex with Dana

Take My Breath Away

I Was About To Try  The Choking Fetish This new boyfriend of mine can get a bit...

3 years ago

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