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slutty wife

A Slutty Wife’s Revenge – Part Four

Slutty Wife finally gets revenge! When we left for the wedding I still wasn’t speaking to Bob.  He tried to talk to me like nothing had happened, but I wouldn’t answer.  All…

slutty wife

A Slutty Wife’s Revenge – Part Three

Slutty Wife Seeks Revenge When he was ready to cum again, he asked me again where I wanted him to cum.  I said that he could cum anywhere except all over my…

slutty wife

A Slutty Wife’s Revenge – Part Two

Slutty Wife Wants Revenge It all started when my husband and I went to visit my hometown for our high school reunion.  It would be just like old times!  We finally made…

MIssed Covid Opportunities

Missed Covid Opportunities: A Diary of a Horny Woman

Missed Covid Opportunities. Missed Covid Opportunities. A phrase everyone must be familiar with at this point. You meet a girl or boy before the pandemic. Things are going smoothly. Suddenly the pandemic…

Tantalizing Foot Fetish

Tantalizing Foot Fetish. Fuck My Little Feet!

Tantalizing Foot Fetish. Fuck My Little Feet! What follows, is a tantalizing foot fetish. The under-mentioned, under-appreciated, and under-loved foot! Do you have any idea what delicate little toes feel like on…

basement captive

Basement Captives – The Conclusion

Basement Captive Hello, my sexy perverts! This week, both of our captive related series is coming to an end. I’ll be wrapping up both my advice for your own basement captive and…

stepdaughter sex slave

Stepdaughter Sex Slave Fights Back – Part 6

Stepdaughter sex slave keeps fighting back. He knew that I didn’t really like him or want him. And that he was having to force me to allow him or his cock anywhere…

stepfather pay pig

My Stepfather is My Pay Pig – Part 1

Stepfather Pay Pig I have never been Mom’s favorite. She doesn’t come right out and say it, but I know that she is disappointed and wishes I would be more like my…

Rate My Cock

Rate My Cock, Inc ™ – Part 2

Rate My Cock, Inc ™ – Training Day All three handsome young guys showed up for training bright and early Monday morning, as expected. We’ve never had anyone turn down a job…

Rate My Cock, Inc – Part 1

Rate My Cock, Inc ™ – Apply Now!  Your perfect job Bright and early Monday morning at Rate My Cock, Inc ™, I peeked into the lobby to check out that morning’s…

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