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Teaching and guiding him how to make me cum!*

Teaching him how to make me cum. Teaching him how to make me cum seemed like a g...

smoking fetish phone sex erotica

Follow the white smoke

Smoking fetish erotica written by a very special caller. I have a smoking fetish...


4/21: Stoner Girls Are Never on Time*

Hey stoner boys, have you missed me? It’s been far too long since I’...

wake and bake

Wake and Bake With Gwen and The Queen*

Wake and bake with Gwen and The Queen, what better way to start your day? I love...


Smoking Cigarettes while Getting fucked.*

Smoking While Getting Fucked! Smoking cigarettes and weed while getting fucked. ...

420 blunts

420 Phone Sex – Stoned Phone Sex is SO HOT!*

The First Time I Had 420 Phone Sex I had never really thought about having 420 p...


The Setting Sun & Weed !*

The Setting Sun & Weed ! Are you one of those first Hippies ? Or just a pot ...

weed , wine and my mans cock.

Weed, Wine and Cock: The Magical Trio. A love Story.*

Weed and wine sure do make a boring, bland day mighty fine! Weed makes everythin...


420 Phone Sex with Smokin’ Hot Kingdom Babes!*

420 PhoneSex with Smokin’ Hot Kingdom Babes. Have you ever rolled up a fa...

4 years ago

420 Fantasy: Getting High While You Eat my Pussy*

It’s 420 somewhere! Let’s spark it up and get high baby. It’s ...

my 4/20 special was a hit with the boys!

4/20 Special Was So Much Fun! I’ve got to do it again.*

My 4/20 special went off without a hitch y’all. My 4/20 special was a hit!...

the Laundromat is fun with a sexy stranger.

The Laundromat: An Erotic Play Ground For The Horny Exhibitionist.*

The laundromat is not necessarily the first place most people think of when they...

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