Swapping Cum Stories With Two Hot Guy Best Friends

Swapping Cum Stories

Swapping Cum Stories are hot and naughty, and lucky for me I am getting to share some yummy sperm with two men.

Swapping Cum Stories is going to be one to add to my books! We are chilling right now and drinking away while things get hot. Before I know it I am making out with one and encouraging the other to join in. He is reluctant but quickly changes his mind as I grab the big bulge through his jeans. Our tongues are locking around one another. I make the move to get undressed in front of them and they are quickly following my league without any hesitation. Dropping down to my hands and knees, I take these two big ass cocks in my hands. Fuck I can not wait to suck them both down my throat! My lips go against the first juicy sponge head. I kiss it and start to trace it along my top and then bottom lips. It is so fucking soft and smooth!

The other cock that is staring at me is waiting and wanting my lips desperately.

I show it the same love. Rubbing him against my lips and a little pop in my mouth. Both of these cocks are drooling! Facing them both towards one another I rub their shrooms against one another. They are so leaking all over one another. I clean both the messes up off their cocks and hold it in my mouth. Standing up I make them both kiss me. “Do you boys taste how good those cum filled balls taste.” It is getting so fucking hot! I drop back down to my knees and start fucking them each down my throat. Slobbering, gagging, and deep throating both these shafts. I am even trying to so force them both in my mouth at the same time. It is making my tight little pussy so fucking dripping wet thinking about the Swapping Cum Stories we will have.

I am thirsty for their nut juice! “Fuck my face guys!”

They listen to me begging for them to go so much harder and faster in my throat.

Finally, I am getting what I want! The first cock is so blowing all in my mouth as I hold every drop on my tongue. It is sticky and ropy and tastes so fucking good. The other one follows and blasts a big clumpy load right onto my taste buds. Two loads in my so sexy little mouth. I stand up and share their loads between the three of us with sloppy wet kisses. I love having Swapping Cum Stories to share with others after this!

Swapping Cum Stories are so fucking hot! We are not even done! I think now it is so time for some cream pie sex! My holes need to get pounded and full!

Are you so looking for some sexy ass fetish phone sex then give me a call! I do welcome all fetishes and the dirtier the better!

Aspen PSK

My name is Aspen. I am seriously a no taboos little whore! I want to make you cum harder and harder every single time you pick up that phone to call me! I love to play in every dark place your mind could ever fathom! No kink too kinky! No fantasy too far out! No taboo ever off limits! Call me 1-877-213-4631 or read more about me at phonesexkingdom.com/aspen

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