Stories About Sex With Alyssa And Her Hot Lesbian Girlfriend

Licking her colorful tattoos and stroking her chestnut hair has me soaking my sheets
Stories About Sex
Stories About Sex With Alyssa And Her Hot Lesbian Girlfriend tell a tale of lucious lesbian love.

Having a very sexy romp with a close girlfriend over the long weekend last week was super hot. Hanging out a bit more than usual has been a lot of fun. Thinking it might be hard on our friendship if this affair didn’t continue, but based on results it has only begun. Telling our Stories About Sex involve kissing her soft supple lips. Sending tingles up and down my curvy form, and leading my desires to a wetter place. Enjoying my travels down the center line down her perfectly toned body.

Being friends for years and knowing all along of her sexual fantasy of us hooking up and exploring so much more than laughter. Giving into my own deep-rooted curiosity was one of the best things I have ever done for my pussy. Kissing me the way I have always needed to be kissed. Loving men are like breathing air. Living and knowing that I am home with the masculine energy. Being with a woman however, has such a silky softness to this sultry satisfaction.

Living out my very own Lesbian Sex Stories is a little surreal. Having had women in the past, I’m no stranger to pretty little pussy. Experiencing a woman I admire and desire touching and pleasing is quiet another pleasure. Wanting to be there holding her perfect body in my arms. Intertwining our long legs together as we nibble and tease the night away feels closer to GFE Phone Sex. Having the kind of love-making I could settle down with has me a little conflicted. Posing the question, guys or girls? Is it this girl in particular? Until I am crystal clear I will enjoy every caress and Strap On thrust.


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Stories About Sex

Alyssa is your wild side of life. She loves getting naughty with you, but loves even more talking you through rubbing the biggest one out you've ever had. Kinky fetishes and erotic role plays, Alyssa can switch up her persona to match your hard on.
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