Smoking Fetish: My Favorite Ways to Smoke and get Freaky

Sex Positions to Make the Most of Your Smoking Fetish
smoking fetish

My Favorite Ways to Exploit Your Smoking Fetish

I love a guy with a smoking fetish. I love the way you look at me when I light up a cigarette. I love the way I lit cigarette looks between my fingers, against my long manicured nails. Watching me smoke isn’t the only way we can enjoy your smoking fetish. Here are some of my favorite sex positions when I run into a man with a smoking fetish

  • Lady on Top- Riding a hard cock is one of my favorite ways to indulge your smoking fetish. I love feeling your rock hard cock sliding into me as bounce on you. And you get to get to watch my beautiful tits bounce as I take a nice long drag from my cigarette.
  • The Padlock- I love this position because it lets you fuck me nice and deep while I entertain you with a cigarette between my lips. I’m going to sit on top of the kitchen table spread my legs and lean back on my elbows. Now slide between my legs and spread my pussy open with your fat cock. I’m going to lay back, enjoy your cock and my cigarette.
  • Missionary- I know I talk about a lot of kinky shit when we talk about sex positions, but when it comes to indulging your smoking fetish, you can’t go wrong with a classic. This is the perfect position for us to smoke and get freaky. You get the chance to fuck me hard and a great view of my smoking.

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