Sissy Diaper Lover Play Gets Kicked Up a Notch for My Diaper Lover

sissy diaper lover play
From Diaper Lover Play to Sissy Diaper Lover Play – My Diaper Lover’s Inner Sissy Slut Comes Out to Play

I told you about my diaper lover. About how I discovered his little secret obsession of pink sissy diapers. And how he’s been lusting to be fucked by a strap on while diapered in said pretty little pink diaper. Well, let me tell you, our diaper lover play has been elevated to a whole new level – to SISSY diaper lover play!

Things certainly have changed since that fateful day. I love seeing my diaper lover give into his inner sissy, or should I say sissy slut. As I force him to suck my strap-on, humping my leg, I smile grows across my face. Of course, It’s a smile laced with just a touch of sadistic pleasure. I own him. And he will do whatever I say if he ever wants to feel my strap on slide past his sissy diaper and violate his virgin ass.

I pet his hair, and softly ask him if he wants me to fuck him – if he wants to feel my rubber dick penetrate him deep and hard. His eyes dilate with desire and need, but he doesn’t answer right away – unsatisfactory! I fist his hair in my grasp, the bite of pain prevalent in his wince.

My sissy slut still needs a bit of “strong encouragement” from time to time with our new brand of sissy diaper lover play, so I ask him again, only this time, with a tone that demands his answer.

He does with a nod, and I go back to stroking his cheek softly. With a pat on his cheek, I let him know that he’s a good little slut, and he should get on his back and show me how much he wants my cock.

His needs take over, and he does as he’s instructed. I don’t think he wants to admit how much he needs this, but I know. And I’m more than happy to give my diaper wearing sissy slut the diaper lover play he yearns for.

My rubber dick glistens with the saliva he left behind. As I get between his spread legs, I pull his sissy diaper to the side, exposing his tight little brown star. Oh yeah, I think to myself. Diaper lover play has certainly been kicked up a notch or two.

And then with that thought, I bury my strap-on deep inside him. Sealing his fate as a true diapered sissy slut and forever transforming our simple diaper play to sissy diaper lover play.

And what of you? Have you discovered your inner desire as well? Ready to confront your need to give into your inner desire? Come, call my phone sex number, and we’ll discover your inner sissy slut together when we share a bit of phone sex chat.


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Bridgette Psk

Bridgette has always adored fetish play and finds them so erotically fascinating and just plain HOT. Being raised in a highly sexually curious environment, Bridgette has always thought that sexual awareness should begin at home. To that endeavor, she has sought to quench her thirst and appetites for not just fetishes, but for incestuous play as well. Being a phone sex MILF and Mommy has been one of the best ways to sate those desires. Bridgette was also introduced to the AB/DL world many years ago, and has been an AB/DL Phone Mommy for many years now as well.

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