ASK AILEEN: “I’m having doubts about being a sissy”

A sissy cuckold = 100% guaranteed to squelch any uncertainty about your faggot destiny.

A sissy cuckold is sure to up the feminization ante. I’m starting a new advice column this week, fielding questions from none other than callers like you! Here’s my first submission:

I have been having doubts about being a sissy anymore and I need a strong woman to put me back in my pathetic place, where I belong: serving woman and being humiliated by the superior sex, women. Please put me on track. Please, I need to be controlled. Take my existence over; I will be owned if you tell me to.
– Unsure Sissy

Dear Unsure Sissy,

First of all, it sounds like you are overdue for your regular dose of sissy phone sex. If you are in need of brutal humiliation and verbal abuse (which it sounds like you are), call me. My no taboos and no limits humiliatrix phone sex calls will leave you reeling. Or crying. Ideally, both!

And if that doesn’t keep your stupid sissy thoughts from wandering towards manhood you will never possess, you need to be cuckolded ASAP. Specifically, you will be in a SISSY CUCKOLD. Why? Because YOU are a SISSY!

Let’s be real: you just want to be a girl, anyway. Sadly (for you), you’ll always be a cheap imitation at best. At least if you’re being cuckolded you’ll get to experience some vicarious “pleasure.” And of course, you’ll have a CLEAR and CONSTANT visual reminder that you are not a man, can not and will not ever please a woman.

Have a question you’d like me to answer in my next blog? Send me an email and if I use your submission, I’ll give you five free phone sex minutes with your next paid call!

— A I L E E N
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