Sexy Incestuous Desires With My Kissing Cousin Johnny

Sexy Incestuous Desires

Kissing Cousins’ Sexy Incestuous Desires

My cousin Johnny and I have been fucking since we were teenagers. We really are the ultimate kissing cousins. Two decades later and we are still at it…acting out our sexy incestuous desires whenever we get the chance.

As the years have passed, we have become more adventurous and our sexploits leave us taking more and more risks in order to satisfy our craving for family fun. After all, incest is best!

Our paths don’t cross as often as we’d like, so any family party is an opportunity and we will find excuses to be together. Running low on wine – no problem, Johnny and I will drive to the supermarket and get some.

But what we don’t tell the rest of the family is that Johnny will have his hand inside my knickers as we drive. Playing with my pussy until I cum and then I suck his cock dry in the car park.

Anywhere And Everywhere. There’s Just No Stopping Us.

One of my favourite things to do is when Johnny is sitting with his wife. I will subtly slide a finger in my pussy and then go over to them.  As she turns away for a second, I rub my finger over his lips. I can literally see the bulge in his pants grow by the second. Our sexy incestuous desires know no bounds.

I think the fact that we are cousins only adds to the sexiness of it all. We love the risque, taboo factor. It’s just so wrong, isn’t it? But how can something so wrong, feel so bloody right!?

My pussy starts to moisten the moment I set eyes on Johnny. It takes me back to when we were in our teens and we used to practise oral sex on each other.  I have to say – I think we have more than perfected the art!

Johnny can make me squirt within seconds. Sitting on his face makes me cum almost immediately. And I can tell you, there’s nothing more of a turn-on than sending Johnny back to the party with my pussy juice still on his face…

Almost Caught In The Act!

There was one occasion when we took a huge risk and we were very nearly rumbled. With me on all fours in the grass at the rear of the house, Johnny was sliding his rock hard cock into me. Our aunt suddenly appeared and asked what all the commotion was! Johnny told her he was helping me look for one of my earrings that I’d lost! It’s crazy but we got away with it.

There are times I don’t even care if we get found out as we are so caught up in the moment with our sexy incestuous desires.

Johnny loves filling my pussy with cum and then telling the rest of the family I’m his favourite cousin as we join them to play a game of charades! If only they knew…

For more filthy family fun and other incest phone sex stories, give your favourite naughty English girl a call!

Sexy Incestuous Desires


Emily PSK

Emily has always had the best of everything and it started with her education at her stuffy English boarding school, where she learned how naughty girls always got what they wanted. Sophisticated and intelligent, she has a Bachelor's in Fucking and a Masters in Sucking. She is well-travelled and well-read and combined with her exciting background, vivid imagination and her desire to shock, you cannot fail to be gripped by her tales of filth and debauchery... especially when you hear that English accent

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