Sexy Girlfriend Selfies Drive My Man Wild All Day At Work

Hot Girlfriend Selfies

Sexy Girlfriend Selfies sent to you on and off during the day make you crazy.

One of my favorite things to do with a day I don’t a ton going on is send you Sexy Girlfriend Selfies. It makes me so happy to know that while you’re busy trying to be a professional I make you sweat. Driving you wild all day at work while your thoughts are completely consumed by me. Some pictures are obviously to make you use your own imagination.

Like the angle I can create with my cell phone that captures a hip. Maybe across my cute little hip is the red string from my lace panties. You know how I get my wet pussy ready for you in these hot red panties. The pair you sent me last year for Valentine’s Day still have the desired effect. I take my hand and begin rubbing my pussy through the lace and take a quick pic. My manicured hand pressed up against that warm tight spot you love.

I am going to make you absolutly climb the walls until you are able to come home. You will be racing through the door to get your paws all over me. The little glimpses of my tits firmly heald by my hands to tease you. I send another naught shot of my tongue licking up a dildo I play with when your’e away. The Sexy Girlfriend Selfies with my lips kissing the head made your cock as hard as a rock. I bet you could hardly keep it in your pants baby.

When a cock is teased to the fullest it aches.

Making sure I take you righ to the edge of your sexual control I am careful to provide rest. Obviously I can’t send you too many steamy selfies all at once. Back to back nasty photographs of my pussy spread open will need to be sent towards the end of the day. I can’t having you explode prematurly. Saving all that cum and shooting force is part of the fun for me. When I open the door after all this tease and denial, I want an animal.

I want you pouncing on me and almost ripping me to shreads to get at me and in me. The dirty little girl that has been making you wait all day needs to get it bad. You have the big fat cock that is going to teach me a lesson don’t you Daddy? A cock that will thrust so deep inside of my pretty pussy that China will hear me scream. I know I dished out some pain, and you can trust that I can take it baby.

This bad girl needs you to give her what she has coming in a serious way. The night has fallen and in the shadows breeds your sweet revenge. I can’t wait to have my wild man bite me in all my favorite places. You will take a thourough tour of all the spots on my body I have shown off. The game as come to a head.


Sexy Girlfriend Selfies

Alyssa PSK

Alyssa is your wild side of life. She loves getting naughty with you, but loves even more talking you through rubbing the biggest one out you've ever had. Kinky fetishes and erotic role plays, Alyssa can switch up her persona to match your hard on.

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