Audrey’s Sexy Christmas Story

I would be willing to bet that Santa has a huge fucking cock! And, I know that most of you are worried that this fantasy sexy Christmas story is going to land me straight on Santa’s Naughty List. But, I think that we can all agree that I am probably already on Santa’s Naughty List this year. So…I will just take my chances and post my naughty sexy Christmas story for the world to read.

Now, do not get me wrong. It is not as though I do not try to be good all year. But damn, 365 days is an extremely long time for a girl like me. And, let’s be honest here. The thought of Jolly Ole St. Nick and his gigantic fucking cock is enough to make my sweet little pussy all wet and ready to be pounded!


Audrey’s Sexy Christmas Story

‘Twas the night before Christmas, alone in my bed;

I rubbed my clit, while I imagined giving Santa head.

All of a sudden, to my surprise;

that old perv was watching with fire in his eyes.

His cock in his hand and a grin on his face,

he must have crept in through the fireplace.

I spread my legs open and shouted with glee,

“All I want for Christmas is you on your knees!”

His tongue in my pussy, his hands on my ass;

this Christmas gift was better than the last.

Oh, Santa!

You sure do know what you are doing with your tongue!

Just look at how much you just made me cum!

He licked my delicious treat from his lips,

As I ready myself for Santa to give me his dick.

We both hear the sounds, click, click, click

Standing in the doorway with a camera in her hands,

Is Mrs. Clause and one of her elf friends.

Santa lifts me up and sits me on his lap,

“Have you been naughty or nice this year, Audrey?”

Santa asks as the whole room stares at me.

Feeling his hard cock between my thighs,

Certainly, there was no way that I could lie.

I have been a very naughty girl this year Santa,

Haven’t you heard about my naughty fuck stories?

No worries!

Because, I don’t regret it a bit, Santa.

There is nothing that I love more than teasing dicks!

And I have been waiting all year to get my hands on Jolly Ole St. Nicks!

I push Santa down on to my bed

While Mrs. clause straddles her pussy right above his head.

I slide my tongue, slowly up Santa’s thigh,

We are going to tease the hell out of this guy!

I trace Santa’s balls with the tip of my tongue

As I feel a toy dildo smack my bum.

Being naughty is so fucking fun!

Let’s Keep Warm With Our Own Sexy Christmas Story

After that sexy Christmas story, I think that it is pretty safe to say that I am most definitely on Santa’s Naughty List this year. So, you and I may as well have ALL of the naughty fun that we can! Are you ready for some hot phone sex fun with me? I mean, that is if you think that you can handle my tease and denial through sensual domination.

Certainly, we can both come up with a sexy Christmas story of our own to keep us both warm this holiday season. Until then, you can find me waiting for you underneath the mistletoe, babe. I can just see you now. Your mind spinning, your cock growing. As you imagine what sexy outfit I will, or will not be wearing as you arrive.


Sexy Christmas Story


Listen To My Naughty Fuck Stories All Year Long

In addition, you can also listen to this naughty Christmas Sex Story anytime that you want over on my SoundCloud account. However, I know that you will not listen to just one of my xxx audio tracks though. Nope! I know you too well, perv! 😉 That cock gets rock hard as you are listening to my voice. Which is why I have a special surprise for you. I like to call it, Audrey’s Super Sweet Audio Treat.

After all. it is the holiday season and well, that can mean a whole lot of things to different people. I, however, am feeling rather festive this year. As a result, throughout the month of December, you can purchase a custom erotic audio 50% off. You can send the script to me via email. However, if you do not have a script and would like me to make one for you. Or, if you have additional requests, email those to me as well.


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