My Raunchy Collection of Sex Toys – How I Love Getting Off With Callers! (Part I)

My Raunchy Collection of Sex Toys – How I Love Getting Off With Callers! (Part I)

Sex toys, sex toys, sex toys… Mmmm even just repeating these words over and over again gets me all worked up!

You see, I love sex toys and have a huge collection of them too. Nipple clamps, butt plugs, vibrators, dildos of all sizes… and recently, thanks to a fantastic caller of mine, I even got myself some amazing anal beads. As a horny, sex-crazed French slut, I have no problem admitting that I LOVE using sex toys and masturbating with ALL of my callers.

The best part? I have so many dildos and vibrators that I always up picking sex toys that match my caller’s cock size!

Mmm yes, I can’t help it that I love to masturbate with my callers. The sound of your voice and knowing that you are on the phone stroking your cock for me, really, really gets me going! And it inadvertently urges to me reach over to my sex toys drawer and pick one well suited for our XXX mind-blowing phone porn session.

I’ve even purchased toys that suction cup to the wall or floor so I’m hands-free and able to touch myself however I want when you and I get on the phone together.

Would you listen to me fuck my naughty little pussy while on our phone sex calls? My moans and screams will drive you crazy. Make sure to jerk that cock for me. Slap your prick on the phone speaker. A girl like me likes to know that she got a rise out of her sexy phone sex stranger. That would make me an auditory voyeur, right?

We should compare our collections and try out our favorites while each other listens. Are you the kind of man who is proud of loving anal sex stories? Or do you keep your wicked kinks a dirty little secret from your lover, wife or girlfriend?

Get some free sex videos of me using a sex toy with your next 15+min call!

French Whore Carmen

Carmen PSK

Carmen is a classy yet kinky French Whore with perfect large tits and a filthy mouth. She’ll surprise you with her naughty mind, geeky/nerdy tendencies, perverse imagination and delicious roleplays. Sometimes nice, sometimes aggressive, she’ll tackle you from all angles and fuck your brains out with the perfect girlfriend experience. Don’t let her sweet side fool you – this horny no-limits bisexual French slut will stop at nothing to fulfill whatever fetishes, taboos and fantasies your wife or gf won’t partake in!

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