So You Think You’re Ready For CHASTITY?

Included in must have sex toys for every domme (and her sub): a chastity cage.

When I’m getting to know a new caller (or recommending future fun to a regular), I always ask what sex toys are in their toy box. In celebration of “LOCKTOBER,” here’s a special post all about a MUST have toy for all the men in my BDSM sex life: the chastity cage!

If I like it, I will put a lock on it. The first “it” being you, of course. Wouldn’t it be WONDERFUL if you had a perfect, beautiful, dominant keyholder like me?

The benefits of male chastity are endless. Personally, I think it’s a crucial part of your training as my submissive. And you do want to please Mistress, don’t you? Put it on and hide the key. You’ll thank me soon enough. Or maybe during most of our call? Either way, chastity is a NECESSARY next step for our humiliationship!!

Strapon phonesex is one of my favorite activities to torture you with while your cock is enslaved. Once you’re not distracted by your dick anymore you’ll be able to broaden your erogenous zone horizons. We’ll be focusing on your ass and your prostate. Or just the pain your cock is in if that’s what you prefer. Or better yet, all three.

Also, we can get really kinky if you are into making your own sex toys. Ever tried figging? All you need is some fresh ginger and a carving knife. Oh, and an appetite for (anal) sensation play.

Probably best if I at least tease you about throwing away the key.

Our femdom phonesex adventure includes phone controlled sex toys. And by phone controlled, I mean controlled by me. Are you looking for a cruel yet nurturing Mistress to take COMPLETE control of you (and your cock)? Good. I’m looking for you, too.

So, you know what to do. Time to cum give me a call. Because I’m right here, waiting to dominate you. Really, what are you waiting for?


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Just your un-friendly neighborhood humiliatrix! Some people call Aileen "bossy" but she prefers to think of herself as "assertive." Aside from being drop dead gorgeous and a Scorpio, Aileen's Gender & Sexuality studies degree gives her a special edge in understanding (and deftly undermining) the male psyche. When she isn't sitting next to the phone, Aileen is probably playing her banjo, reading something obscure & intellectual, or laughing about the last time she humiliated you. Favorite domination calls: Forced Fem & Sissification, Bitchy Girlfriend, Forced Intox, Forced Bi, Mistress/Slave, Verbal Abuse, Cuckold, Pegging, CBT, Body Worship, Extreme BDSM, Hardcore Humiliation, Castration Fantasy Other favorites include: Sex Therapy, Girlfriend Experience, Secrets & Confessions, Mutual Masturbation, Edging, Sapiosexual, Smoking Fetish, "Weird" / Unusual Fetish + Kink, Taboo Role Play, Just Talk . . . just to name a few. Open to ANYTHING!

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