How To Have Sex Like A Millennial: A Rather Unpopular Opinion, Part 1

how to have sex The mainstream has recently discovered how to have sex like a true subversive pervert…and it’s called consent. My Dearest Perverts, I’d love to believe that...
how to have sex
Don't knock it until you've done it right...

how to have sex

The mainstream has recently discovered how to have sex like a true subversive pervert…and it’s called consent.
My Dearest Perverts, I’d love to believe that I’d never lead you astray in my blogs, give you erroneously trending information just for attention. So I’ll be blunt – this blog isn’t for the weak-minded chauvinist, or is it?

“You’re on a feminist rampage, Justice,” you might say, “and you have no right to push your agenda on me because you are none but a lowly phone whore”. Well, perverts, I’m not JUST a phone whore. I’m an educated whore. A fun, non-judgmental, compassionate, curious and very horny phone whore. I have no agenda, in fact. I’m simply exploring. And what’s my favorite way to explore, pervs? Experience, but you knew that. 

Most people think they know how to have sex…


And they’re basically right. We learn the basics in so-called sex education, and we learn the rest from porn, tall tales and magazines…oh yes, and from doing it. How could I forget doing it? The best part of doing it is that no two people are the same. Does that sound slutty (and rather obvious)? Of course it does. But don’t click away just yet. I want to tell you about how I got my brains fucked out in the most polite of ways…


Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had great sex with guys who didn’t check in along the way.


You can google what consent is if it doesn’t make sense to you. Try googling “consent is sexy” and see what you come up with. Consent isn’t something I ever really thought about or practiced in my own sex life. Before this, it meant that I had the right to get dressed and go home if a man was under-delivering his goods. But it turns out it, when it comes to how to have sex with consent, it doesn’t have to be what I always feared it would – boring.


I told him I really wanted to kiss him.


Wow, the electricity in that moment when you see someone getting turned on by hearing your desire. Never experienced that before, I usually just pounce. He said, “I really want to kiss you too”. All that electricity was transmitted back to me and I felt every nerve ending in my body throb with excitement. When I kissed him, we started slow, then more passionately. I could tell by the way he was kissing me that he wanted me to know what he could do with his mouth. I was weak.


This would ordinarily be when we would be tearing at each other uncontrollably. But instead, I let my hands travel down his body until I was right near his huge cock. Rather than devouring it like wild beast, we kept kissing and I asked, “can I touch you?” his arousal was clear on his face and in his body. “I would love it if you did.”  


I lightly stroked his endless cock outside his boxers with my hand. “Your cock feels really good.” He sighed. “Can I play with it more?”

“What do you want to do?” I could tell he was actually getting more turned on by hearing me say what I wanted to do before I did it. “I’d love to stroke you, and lick up and down this gorgeous cock…and get you wet with my mouth and see how hard I can get you?” His eyes were wide and dripping with lust. He shrugged and nodded, “that sounds amazing”. So I did it.


Want to know what happens next? You’re going to have to read part 2!




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