Sex Positions: 3 Thanksgiving Sex Positions I’m Thankful For

These sex positions will make you thankful to be alive
sex positions

These sex positions are how I like to say thanks

Thanksgiving is when we Americans get together with family and friends to celebrate all of the things we are thankful for. While I’m always thankful for my health, wealth, family and friends, I don’t think I spend enough time giving thanks for all of the great sex I’ve had throughout the years. Here are some sex positions that I am extremely thankful for.

Mutual Masturbation- Technically, I know mutual masturbation isn’t a sex position. But I’m thankful for it because mutual masturbation is a fun way to tease each other and get off when you’re both too full of food to have a proper fuck.

Wish Boned- This is one of my favorite sex positions because it allows for deep penetration and mind-blowing orgasms with very little effort. Just sit back while I face you and straddle your lap. Now we’re in the perfect position for you to grind your cock into my pussy and play with my tits.

The Naughty Pilgrim- This is one of my favorite Thanksgiving sex positions when I have guests over and need to be a little stealthy. Once again, you get to lay back and leave the driving to me. While you’re laying on your back, I’m going to sit on your lap with my back to you; think the reverse cowgirl position. Now, I’m going to lean forward and slide your cock into me. This position keeps squeaky mattress springs to a minimum and puts your cock in the perfect position to rub my g-spot and make me cum.

What are your favorite holiday sex positions? I would love to hear about all of the naughty things you like to do during the holiday season!  I’m already your favorite no limits phone sex operator, so let’s get started and make some phone sex kingdom holiday memories. And remember, the only limits on my adult chat line is your imagination. Call Katrina today!  1-877-291-0402

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