Sex Positions for Anal Sex the are Guaranteed to get You Off

These sex positions will make anal sex hotter than ever
sex positions

Just a few of my favorite sex positions for anal sex

Sex positions for anal sex can be a bit tricky. Push too hard, too deep or too fast and you can go from the fast train to sexy time to getting punched in the face. But these five sex positions will make sure that your next anal sex counter is going to be hot and lead to a mind shattering orgasm for everyone. So get hard, get the lube and get ready for favorite sex positions.


  1. The Washing Machine: This anal sex position will take you around the world and back of again. Follow me into the laundry, babe. I’m going to lean over the top of the washing machine while pressing my pussy against the machine. Now, you lube up your hard cock while I switch the washer to spin. I get the wonderful feeling of your hard cock sliding into my tight ass coupled with the vibrations of the washing machine. Of all of the sex positions on this list, this is the only one that gives you double the pleasure.
  2. Frog Leap: If you want anal sex positions that are more energetic, the frog leap will get you off. I’m going to squat down in the leapfrog position, balancing on the balls of my feet and my hands.Now, kneel down behind me darling, and work your cock into my ass and pound me good!
  3. The Jockey: Of all of the anal sex positions on this list, this is my favorite for those days when I want to lay down and be a pillow princess. I’m going to lay on my stomach with my legs pressed together. Now, sit down on the back of my thighs spread my ass cheeks, and go to town on my little sweet pink starfish.
  4. Stairway to Heaven: When you can’t wait another minute to get into that sweet ass, this anal sex position is perfect. Have a seat on the stairs, babe. Now pull my panties to the side and work your cock into my ass.


What are your favorite sex positions? Give me a call and let’s explore your favorite sex positions for anal sex together, hell we may even make up some new ones! I’m the no taboo phone sex operator that is here to give you a phone sex experience like no one else can. From fetish phone sex to age play phone sex and beyond. The only limits on my adult chat line are your imagination. Call Katrina today! 1-877-291-0402


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