How To Have Sex Like A Millennial: Consent Demystified, Part 2

How to have sex in 2018 means taking the new rules and making them hot as hell… Dear Perverts, I didn’t want to leave you wondering what happened next…just...
how to have sex
It doesn't always have to be about saying no...

How to have sex in 2018 means taking the new rules and making them hot as hell…

Dear Perverts, I didn’t want to leave you wondering what happened next…just kidding, yes I did.

Read on to find out!

Then it was his turn.

Slowly he caressed up my back and asked if he could play with my tits. The mouth on this guy! The way he was licking and sucking on my nipples and then coming up to kiss me was making me so wet. His hand caressed the inside of my thigh, moving up. “Is it okay if I touch your pussy?”

“It’s so much more than okay”, I gasped as his fingers ran up my pussy slit. He asked if he could put his hand inside my panties and feel my pussy. I could hardly wait for him to feel how wet I was. And when he did, I felt his cock throbbing against my ass as his fingers played in my pussy, rubbing my hard clit so close to climax (isn’t it just like that when you’re really turned on?). I gently grabbed his wrist, making him stop. “Is everything okay?” He asked.

Everything was great.

“I am loving everything you’re doing,” I said, “but can I tell you something?”

“Of course.” this guy clearly knows how to have sex, but this consent thing is adding a new layer of hotness that I definitely wasn’t expecting.

“It doesn’t have to be right this second, but…right now, I’m thinking about how I would love for you to climb on top of me and make my wet pussy tremble around your big cock…and how badly I want to cum on it.” He paused, still lightly fingering my pussy. We’re both squirming against each other and moaning, eyes rolling back, the arousal almost painful.

“…Damn. Honestly…” he paused for a second. “Is it okay if I feel how wet you are with my cock?”

“Oh my god, I want to feel you so fucking bad. Please do it.

You get the idea.

He didn’t go right for the main course. He teased my pussy, used that incredible mouth and then he gave me dick like I’ve never gotten it before. This is a tale for you lost boys who don’t really know how to have sex but have been conditioned to believe that consent is only for beta males.

I’m not gonna lie, I wondered myself. But my doubts have been assuaged. Chemistry is everything, I’ve said that a thousand times. Sex should feel amazing. But I’m here to tell you, consent is sexy. Take it from a phone sex whore.




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