Sex Games: 3 Sex Games that Take Foreplay to the Next Level

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Sex Games Always Spice Things Up in the Bedroom

Sex games are a great way to spice things up in the bedroom. From mild to wild these three sex games always get my blood pumping and my pussy wet every time.

  1. First One to Break- This is one of my favorite sex games because I like to see how much teasing a guy can take before he’s trying to claw my underwear off and fuck me. To start we both climb into bed in our underwear. Once we’re comfortable we need to use every tool in our seductive arsenals to get the other person to break and ask for sex. From kissing and sucking to massaging and licking no seduction technique is off limits with this game. Just be warned, I don’t always play fair and I will use some kinky dirty tricks to get you to break and make you beg me for a piece of this pussy.
  2. Just the Tip- If you’ve already done a call with me, you already know how much I love this sex game! For this sex game, I like to start completely naked. This sex game is similar to the First one to Break because it involves a lot of teasing. But this time, I’ll let you put the head of your cock into my pussy while you jerk off. The name of this sex game is to see how long you will last before you’re dying to slide your hard cock deep inside of me. This sex game has the added bonus of letting you use your cock to play with my clit. But will that be enough to break me down and beg you to fuck me
  3. Naughty Girl- Sex games like this are a great way to introduce a bit of kink into the bedroom. All we need to let the sex games begin is sit me down and demand that I confess all of secrets and misdeeds to you. Each one of my confessions will earn me at least one smack across the ass. If you want to take it to the next level you can strip me down and bring in your paddle or riding crop. No matter which way we play this sex game having you take control and forcing me to confess will have my pussy dripping as I beg you to fuck and forgive me.

What are your favorite sex games? I would love to know what kinds of sex games turn you on, or maybe we can invent our own! No matter what kinds of kinky things turn you on, phonesex with Katrina will make your fantasies and turn them into realities. I am the taboo phone sex operator that wants to get you hard and drain you dry. When you call my phone sex line, our only limits are your imagination. Call Katrina today! 1-877-291-0402

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