Sex Games: My Favorite Games for Edging, Tease and Denial

Sex games are always the best games
sex games

Sex games that make edging hotter

I love playing naughty sex games. Especially, when they involve edging. I love playing sex games that tease, tempt and test every last ounce of your willpower. Here are some of my favorite edging sex games.

  1. Cock Hero– There are a ton of sex games out there by, Cock Hero is by far my favorite. The object of the game is to see how long you can last watching some seriously sex videos. Then it kicks things up a notch by giving you instructions on how to jerk off. Let’s find out if you have what it takes to be a Cock Hero.
  2. Time’s Up– Tease and denial games are always a lot of fun. In this game, I’m going to set a timer, and you’re allowed to cum as long as you can bust a nut before that time runs out. But with all sex games there is a twist; Maybe I’ll make you jerk off with your non-dominant hand. Perhaps I’ll only let you use anal stimulation to cum. No matter what kind of challenge I give you, you have to cum before your time is up, if you don’t, who knows when I’ll let you cum.
  3. Scrabble– This is a sex game for all of the smartie pants in the house. I love this game because we can make it last all day if we want to. First, we need a bag of Scrabble tiles. Now, every time you get me off I will give you one tile. When you have enough tiles to spell a 20 point word I will allow you to cum. Of all of the games, this is one of my favorites because I can make it last for days if I want to.

What are some of your favorite sex games? I would love to find some new sex games with you! I am the taboo phone sex operator that wants to make all of your fantasies a reality. From incest role play to cuckolding phone sex, and everything in between. Nothing is off limits when you call my adult chat line. Remember on my phonesex hotline, our only limits are your imagination. Call Katrina today! 1-877-291-0402

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