Want one of my REAL SEX STORIES? We’ve ALL heard of the things that go BUMP IN THE NIGHT.  But, have you actually exxxperienced it?  Well, I have and it was both hot & terrifying at the same time.  But, don’t get me wrong, it’s NOT something I was LOOKING for, per se.

I was in those delicate, blissful moments right before slumber overtakes me then, I heard it.  That slap-slap-slapping sound that can ONLY be jerking it!  But, I live alone, soooo.  I thought it was sleep calling me hard and tried to ignore it.  Then, I felt my bed lower on the other side and decided to just clap my eyes shut and pray for it to go away…the demon, not the jerking. LOL

First, I felt it move closer under the covers this time, then I felt it’s HUGE ummmm, cock rub against my back.  Now, don’t get me wrong, having a huge one poking me in the back to rouse me from sleep ISN’T against my liking.  But, when I say HUGE…Oh, Honey!  I mean HUGE.  Like something out of this world!  And by out of this world, I mean something from HELL!

Fortunately, this thing must have KNOWN he’d tear me apart and he decided NOT to use that on me.  However, his lust was in full bloom, so he started to finger my wet cunt.  Yes, embarrassingly enough, the BEAST smelled my wetness and drove his taloned fingers straight into me.  He made me cum harder than ever!

I begged him to NEVER leave. As long as everything he did was from behind, he ate my pussy and made me SQUIRT!  Need some Face Sitting Sex Stories, or want a little Sex Therapy like me?  CUM on by! Let’s talk.  I’m worth it!



Joey PSK

Hi. I'm Joey. That THING going bump in the night and under your sheets. I enjoy all role-plays and fetishes...The naughtier, the BETTER! I'm a French-born, bilingual, wild-child! Talk with me and you won't believe the outCUM! If you're looking for the kinkiest girl you'll ever know...Call me! 888-553-5493

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