Pantyhose Fetish Boyfriend Sits, Licks, And Kisses My Stockings

Some pantyhose fetish ideas turned my boyfriend’s world upside down..

Pantyhose fetish boys are so much fun to play with. Really, I could completely drive him wild with just the way I’d wear a shorter dress, that let the edges of my stockings peek out. He loved seeing the hint of lace at the top, and the garters holding them up. It turned him on to fantasize about finally getting me out of my dress, so he could see the rest of my lingerie. I loved driving him crazy with it all, so I became very dominant in the ways I’d tease him. He’d do anything to be able to kiss my feet. So of course, I milked it for everything I could..

I made him spoil me.

If he wanted to indulge in kissing my feet and caressing my legs, he had to beg for it. He had to spend money and buy me any lingerie I wanted, on top of other gifts. Everything I did was weaponized to tease him. He’d do anything to get a few more seconds of one-on-one time with my legs. Sometimes I’d wear the stockings all day, from sun-up to sundown, just so they’d smell like me and he’d be going nuts at the slight scent whenever I walked by. The heels varied, sometimes being glossy black stilettos, pumps, or even little kitten heels with open peep-toes so he could see the pedicure.

I loved toying with his head and he loved being my plaything. His phone’s internet history was full of sex stories about being turned into someone’s feet slave.. Sometimes he’d just slip off the couch and onto the floor, so he could pick up my feet carefully and smother them in kisses. And of course, I’d get a little mean and pull my feet away, just to flick his nose with my toes. His pantyhose fetish made him vulnerable to all my mischievous teasing.. and he loved it.

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Come play with me. 

Your Taboo Phone Sex Princess

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Kali is a sexy, young latina raised in Los Angeles.. She uses all her gifts to tease the guys, making them melt in her hands just from hearing her sweet, silky voice. Seducing men double her age, or more - the older, the better. She'll use her soft lips to whisper little temptations to you in Spanish. You'll find yourself daydreaming, aching for the way she moans your name and pulls you into the darkest of your fantasies. No one has to know.. It will be your secret. Come indulge in the bad girl that you've always secretly wanted.. Want to see more of me? » Click here to go to my page.

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