Oral Sex straight from the Sluts Mouth- How far will she go for CUM?

Oral Sex straight from the Sluts Mouth

Either giving or getting oral sex is something EVERYONE should get excited about. I’m greedy, I get aroused and very excited over both!

Oral sex has come such a long way for me (I’m sure for everyone) since our first times. I remember my teenage partner unable to make me cum after licking the “man in the boat” (his words not mine) for almost 30 minutes. I was frustrated and just wanted to grab his head and move it where it could guide his tongue and mouth to go, I just faked that shit once he told me he had licked the alphabet over 29 times. Don’t lick the alphabet during oral sex. JUST DON’T.

I, on the other hand considered cocksucking a performance. Watching the way his body would react to my mouth. My lips so soft and smooth going down, while my tongue danced and explored his shaft. Tightening my lips on my up suck. Feeling his hands on the back of my head, always let me know he wanted more. Id crane my neck and bob faster letting him hear my lips pop off the tip of his cock.

The Lifeline of oral sex for me has evolved from kist kissing, to licking, lite then deep sucking.Now, we come (or cum) to throating or Deep- throating, which besides having my face fucked is my favorite part or oral sex. The nastier the blow job, the wetter and hotter I get. I love all that gooey ropey slobber running off my chin, and dripping down onto my perfect natural tits.

Those spitty, gooey saliva strings that make us look so nasty and dirty, taste so yummy when I twirl my tongue around to collect them. As you can see from this hot little oral sex blog, I LOVE to give. Love to be choked andgagged by your cock sliding in and out of my opened throat.


What I really want…

Is all that yummy thick white cream, and Ill kiss, lick, blow, suck, throat and face fuck the hell out of you until I get what I want!

Won’t you feed me?
I’m so COCK and CUM hungry




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