Oral Sex Goddess Opens Mouth Taking Deep Strokes Squeezing Throat

Oral Sex Goddess

Oral Sex Goddess gives you the loving licks you need.

You never know when or where Oral Sex Goddess love will be waiting to scoop you up. Sometimes love gets tangled with GFE Phone Sex, and you never knew what hit you. I think the vital thing to do is be faithful to the offering of affection and welcome whatever may come. Love is life, and life can be full of adventure. The fun in any experience is the unknown.

The idea that at any moment the sky could fall apart, so we must enjoy every ray of sunshine make it easy to stay in the present moment. Being present with love is vital because some love is real and needs to be nurtured.  There is another type of Oral Sex Goddess love that can be fleeting and momentary. Both are incredible and have great value in my life. Take, for example, a love that is bright and fiery, that appears out of nowhere.

This has led me down a path of blind beauty more than once.

This sweeps one of their feet and throws caution to the wind. It embodies living in the moment, and life is short. The experience when the love bursts and evaporates can be extremely painful but is there light without shadow? We all long for a love that feels as exciting as this sunburst of intense fire burning love, with the long shelf life as something far more cautious and practical. At least I do.

Believe it or not, for this desire, I have been called a fool by many. My heart’s resolve is secure and will continue the quest to be the girl who got it all. Teasing me with your tongue twirling around my Oral Sex Goddess’s own slowly drives me wild. Opening my mouth a little wider and taking your tongue deeper. Pressing our bodies together, we feel the heat we generate. Breathing begins to intensify, and I take you in. Using your breath as my oxygen, you feed me a new life.

Feeding from you already, yet I crave more.

Having Anal Sex on my mind, I have been lusting for you to deliver. Getting me higher and higher until my feet no longer touch the floor. Leaning me back on the bed, you kiss down my warm skin. Pulling my panties down, you tell me exactly what you plan on doing to me. Looking into my green eyes and I into yours, I can see your clarity. Having my ass all to yourself with total ownership is the way it is.

Talking dirty to me for so long from a distance, we knew Phone Sex wouldn’t hold us forever. Feeling your lips traveling slowly up my thighs sends tingles straight to my pussy. Being as wet as I am continues to intensify with every kiss and lick you give. Sliding your fingers inside of my tight ass, you prepare me for that perfect cock of yours. Standing up and lowering your pants, I get to see that huge dick I hunger for.

Feed me, baby, while you watch me touch and rub my pussy. Grip that big thick cock at the base and slide it into my wet little pussy so you can ease into my ass. Anal Sex Stories heat up when you rub your swollen head against my asshole until your head begins to push me open.

Expressing just how much I love that thick juicy monster cock in my pretty mouth drives me crazy.

Thinking of it now, giving head might just have become a fetish at this point for me. Getting head was probably always a fetish of yours hehe. Performing this extraordinarily sexy and intimate act of passion is a favorite of mine, you know. Using this little certificate for Oral Sex will just make it all a bit of a game. Hand it over so I can sit you down right on the soft bed. Looking down into your eyes, I take your hands and slide them under my tight little dress.

Knowing what a true Panty Fetish you have, I find it only fair that you get to pull my tiny red lace panties down. Pulling your face to my stomach you kiss me. Breathing heavy with anticipation you take my wet red panties and press them to your face. Smelling my pussy all over them you let out a moan.

Oral Sex Goddess

Alyssa PSK

Alyssa is your wild side of life. She loves getting naughty with you, but loves even more talking you through rubbing the biggest one out you've ever had. Kinky fetishes and erotic role plays, Alyssa can switch up her persona to match your hard on.

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