Morning Sex with Daddy is the Perfect Way to Start the Day!

Morning sex with Daddy always gets me excited!

Is there a better way to start a morning then morning sex with Daddy besides reading young sex stories? When I have to wake up early from school, my Daddy is my alarm clock. It’s the perfect way to wake up! Mommy leaves the house hours before I have to wake up, and the moment she leaves Daddy gets to sneak into my room. He loves it when I’m wearing the see-through white lace nightgown that he bought me. And I love it when he comes into my room wearing absolutely nothing! I love how hard Daddy’s cock is for me, just by pulling the covers by on my bed.

He starts by spreading my legs apart gently with his hands. Then, I start to feel them crawl up until they meet my wet pussy. I can never help it when I’m around Daddy.

My moans fill the air as he pushes a finger inside me, followed by another one.

I can hear how wet I am on his fingers. And I know I have to have more. I reach down to feel his huge hard cock, and I start moving my hand up and down until his moans mix with mine.

We switch positions and he puts his cock into my mouth. It tastes so good, and I’m so happy that it’s the first thing I get to taste in the morning. I’ve been practicing a lot lately and I can take it all the way down my throat. His pre-cum drips out onto my tongue and I can’t help but lick my lips. When his cock is nice and wet, along with my soaking wet pussy, he sits down so I can ride his cock. It feels so good when he fills me up all the way. I always love taking a big load before the school bus comes!

Morning Sex with Daddy

Come enjoy some hot ageplay phone sex with me!


Olivia PSK

Olivia loves to hear all your kinky taboo fetishes and kinks! She's a sexy college freshman who can't control how horny she feels all the time. She wants to know all those kinky sex stories you have and share some with you. Nothing is to taboo or nasty to share with Olivia. She loves it all!

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