Mistress’s Little Pet *


Mistress Nicole’s Little Pet

A dominant woman needs to be needed.  A submissive needs to feel wanted.  Without each other, they are nothing.  Together they are complete. Naked on the floor, blindfolded, arms and legs bound, my subject never looked so pitiful.  By day he was a tyrant in the office, but by night he was my plaything.  I am his Mistress. He is My toy to use and abuse however I saw fit.

 The sound of my heels on the floorboards gave him goosebumps.  The smell of my cigarette made his cock throb.  I stopped with his head between my sharp heels.  I directed him to turn his head and kiss them for his Mistress Aileen.  He eagerly kissed and licked the stem of my seven-inch heel.  I picked up my foot so he could take my heel deep down his throat.  Watched as his cock grew, getting harder and harder with anticipation.

I walked to his knees and untied his ankles.  Kicking his feet far apart I had the perfect view of his swollen cock and balls.  How vulnerable my little pet looked.  I carefully massaged his sack with the toe of my heel.  His breathing became labored as his desperation grew.  How would I play with my little pet today? How could my pet serve his Mistress today?

I took a seat on his face, smothering him in my delicious ass.  He moaned in delight as he burrowed his tongue inside my asshole.  I bent down and teased his full balls with my nails, scratching and pulling, imagining all the cum he had built up since our last session.  I knew my little pet was dying for his late-night snack and Mistress was fully prepared to give it. Are you ready for your daily snack?

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