Masters of Sex are the Sexy Voices that Answer the Call for Pleasure

Masters of Sex are Just a Phone Call Away

Masters of sex are at the tip of your fingertips.  Having always been a sensual and erotic being from a young age made it very easy to transition into becoming a phone sex worker.  And now that I’ve been working on the phone for a few months I feel and hear the power of what happens in a call with a stranger.   As a result of my work I now know the power that we command on a call.   Women that work on the phone have the ability to give you pleasure with just the sound of their voices.  Most noteworthy is our ability to be whatever you ask us to be.

“What is your desire tonight?”, I ask of you.    A young voice gently says, “I just want you to tell me what to do.  Be my guide in masturbation”.  As I hear your voice the enormity of the trust you are giving me washes over me.  I guide you through slowly stroking your cock and balls as my words rush through your quivering body.

Your breath becomes faster and more shallow as my throaty voice becomes your teacher and lover all wrapped into one very sexy and pleasure filled package.  As a result of my very sexy guidance as you climax, I can then feel the strength of your orgasm as pleasure rushes through my body and soul as well.

Your secret fantasy is what gives me pleasure…..

The next call is a request to be in a stepmother role play.  Almost instantly I become the stepmother you always wanted to show you how to become a man.   Your cock grows harder and harder as I tell you how happy mommy is with you.   A good boy lets mommy take his hard cock in her mouth and fill her throat with his hot cum.  Pleasure rushes through both of us as we dive into the taboo phone sex in our mommy and son role play.  Probably because at that moment I have truly become the stepmother of your dreams.  As a result of that, your orgasm is deeper and more real.

A voice on the phone is the subtle and very real power of the master. Especially relevant is the comfort that callers feel in sharing their every desire.  We become whatever your darkest fantasy is.  Whether it’s a dark fantasy so taboo or a relatively simple act that involves Public Sex Stories the magic is equally powerful. You share your secret and we somehow know what to say during phone sex……


With every call you we are The Masters of SEX…..

Forced sex


Chanel Psk

Like my name, I’m a class act but I have the body and soul of a bad girl. A really Naughty Bad Girl. My love of SEX and Plenty of it will make your phone sex experience with me one that will leave you begging for Chanel and more Every time you call. Dive deep into all your Darkest and Naughtiest Fantasies with me. You will not be disappointed.

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