Lipstick Fetish Fun With New Sissy Dressing To Impress Alyssa

Lipstick Fetish Fun With A New Sissy For Alyssa To Dominate will be so entertaining.

Meeting a new sissy always brings me joy. Playing dress up as much as I do attracts a few different types of the sissy breed. Having them flock to be teased and dolled up is always a fun show to watch. Forcing men to explore feminization is also a very good time. Choosing a favorite type of sissy to use Lipstick Fetish to my benefit would be impossible. Sourcing real little play things that want to be pretty is a blessing to exploit, for sure.

Take the two things I have in common with such a crossdressing slut for a moment. Applying glamorous make up and lipstick slowly to the lips casing them to drag while gliding across. To a cute boy who I can control this way makes it feel like Christmas. I mention Forced Feminization Phone Sex because to find the commonalities sometimes a twink needs some persuasion. Leading me to the other quality we both love, dressing up. Dressing up to fit my mood and fantasy is a common goal for sure.

Demanding that all my needs get met is why Domination Phone Sex appeals to me so. The pageantry of watching my sissy get something frilly on turns me on. Seeing my new little slut apply make up on slowly and attentively gives me chills while making me laugh. Dominating my toy by giving orders and having them obeyed is the part I love most. Whether or not the Femdom Fetish is lived out in Humiliation, or turning a man into a bimbo, this is a fun game to play.

Playing gets serious though when I force you into uncomfortable positions and make you service all my friends too. Publicly parading my doll around is thrilling for us both.


Alyssa xxx


Lipstick Fetish

Alyssa PSK

Alyssa is your wild side of life. She loves getting naughty with you, but loves even more talking you through rubbing the biggest one out you've ever had. Kinky fetishes and erotic role plays, Alyssa can switch up her persona to match your hard on.

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