Lady Cuck Fun That Is Torturing My Husband More Than the Men Do

Lady Cuck Fun

Melodie, that I met shopping is amazing. She is smart, sexy, and an incredible lover. As she is learning more about my pathetic husband, she is curious about the cuckold lifestyle. So, she is coming over for some lady cuck fun.

Of course, my husband, Kevin has no idea she is coming or what his day entails. I have him come into the bedroom. Before he does, I make sure he is in the pink panties and bra, stockings and garter belt, his cock cage, and a butt plug.

Once Melodie arrives and meets Kevin she is can’t help but laugh at him. Of course, it is hard not to laugh at a man dressed in pink lingerie and a cock cage. Hahaha. We all go up to the bedroom.

It is time for the lady cuck fun to commence!

Before we start, Kevin is responsible for taking off our panties and holding them while we play together. He also has to sniff them the entire time, while he is on his knees at the same level as the bed so he sees everything up close.

He is whimpering like the little bitch he is as we start making out. Slowly we undress each other and start exploring. Her body is exquisite. He is practically drooling at the edge of the bed. She is the ideal woman for him.

And, for me too. She is also perfect for our lady cuck fun. As we move along, our mouths start doing the exploration and we end up in a “69” position. It is absolutely amazing tasting her juice and feeling her tongue on my clit.

Both of us are moaning loudly as the hubby has tears on his cheeks.

I knew the day I met her and chose her for my Knockout GILF Fuck Fun, she was outstanding. Of course, I am seeing she is even more than I ever could have imagined. She is spectacular in every way.

We have long intelligent conversations, laugh for hours, and make love like newlyweds. Of course, we are both married, so we have a perfect relationship. As we are both climaxing, she actually squirts.

Her juices land on the bed and some on hubby’s face. This lady cuck fun is way better than expected as he is whimpering even harder now. I tell him to use his finger and clean it up. Of course, that makes him very happy.

She has many questions about his situation.

For instance, with the cock cage, when does he cum? He only cums with cocks in his ass or mouth. She is intrigued now and wants to know more. So, I tell her with real or strapons fucking him how he cums.

I tell her she will have to come over when we have male guests or attend our “book club” with all the ladies. I explain that we put on strapons and take turns on hubby and we let him cum at these events.

Once, she is satisfied with that answer, we get back to our fun. Do you love cuckold fun? I provide some of the best cuckold phone sex and the BEST GILF Phone Sex around! Call me!



Seriously, NO LIMITS! I am a midwestern lady that loves everything kinky! I grew up in the country and landed in the city. Growing up in a family-play clan, I am open to so many naughty things. I am experienced and love to try all things sexual. Whether you want a loving granny or dominant mistress, together we can find our perfect adventure. 1-888-851-1543

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