Hot Sex: Nothing is Off the Table with my Phone Lover and I

My Phone Lover and I Run the Gamut: From Playful and Sensual to Raw and Primal Need, and Everything In Between for Some REALLY Hot Sex

I have a caller, aka my phone lover that is always a pleasure to speak to and play with. We always have such hot sex together, and the sizzle factor is off the charts when we’re having phone sex. Just as he always rises to the occasion for me, my sweet pussy is always wet for him. Just thinking about him makes my pussy clench and gush with my juices.

So, I was in bed dressed only in my white lace panties and a no-nothing cami, all snuggled up with my assortment of pillows and such. I was daydreaming a bit, slowly rocking my hips into a small pillow, rubbing it so sensually when my hot phone lover called me. Oh man, were my juices just flowing when I heard his sexy voice.

We have an eclectic collection of tastes, depending on our moods, and we partake of the wide variety of no taboo phone sex constantly (this is what so cool about GFE – the freedom to explore and enjoy). This time I just wanted to have my wicked way with him and have him at my mercy – so I tied him down (what else could I do? Hehehe).

He was already hard and I couldn’t wait to put his hard cock in my mouth. I tied his wrist in my straps I have on my headboard and sat in-between his legs, I leaned over him pulling my hair to the side so he could watch. I love the hungry groans he makes, letting me know I’m driving him completely insane, lol!

Oh Yeah, our hot sex session was gonna reach new heights

I lick the tip of his penis with my tongue just teasing him with it. I got it nice and wet then rubbed it against my hard nipples, then brought it to my mouth again. Oh fuck yeah, I took it all into my mouth and swallowed it deep into my throat. He was squirming underneath me from the pleasure I was bringing him. I continued to suck him hard and deep, all the way to the back of my throat and then some.

Decisions, decisions, decisions! Where should I have my phone lover cum? Down my throat as I swallow him greedily? Do I lean up and let his hot semen shoot all over my tits and nipples? Or maybe a good old fashioned full facial cum shot – tongue, lips, chin, eyes, cheeks – the whole enchilada.

Of course, there’s nothing like just riding him like a bronco and have him fill my hot little tight pussy!  My poor phone lover – he doesn’t get to decide, but then again, I don’t think I’ll be hearing any complains!

How about you? Where would you like to deposit your load of thick cum? Will you call my phone sex hotline and be my phone lover? Whisper in my ear, and I’ll whisper in yours, and together we will reach such sated bliss with some hot sex of our own!

Your Free Sex Story & Hot Sex Guru,

 xxx sex story starring Mama Bridgette








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That’s it! And have fun phone boning!!! (I always do, heeheehee!!)


Bridgette Psk

Bridgette has always adored fetish play and finds them so erotically fascinating and just plain HOT. Being raised in a highly sexually curious environment, Bridgette has always thought that sexual awareness should begin at home. To that endeavor, she has sought to quench her thirst and appetites for not just fetishes, but for incestuous play as well. Being a phone sex MILF and Mommy has been one of the best ways to sate those desires. Bridgette was also introduced to the AB/DL world many years ago, and has been an AB/DL Phone Mommy for many years now as well.

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