Homeschooled Sex Ed is for All I Claim as My Own – By Blood or By Heart

In this day and age, homeschooling is paramount. And I believe that education should go beyond just book learning. I believe in a “hands-on” approach to educating young, impressionable minds. I also subscribe to a well-rounded education that includes all forms of practical and real-world knowledge. And yes, that includes sexual education. This means, that in my house, homeschooled sex ed is part of the curriculum. I’ll not be having one of my own learning about the birds and the bees from the internet, or their friends that try to pass off fiction for fact.

Now that belief doesn’t end with my blood. It extends to those I consider family. Take for example my son’s best friend Paul. Paul is a common fixture at our house on the weekends.  In fact, I grow concerned when he isn’t around.

The fact is, Paul is like one of the family, claimed as one of my own by heart. And as an honorary member of the family, has all the same privileges.  In short, he has the run of the house, like any one of my kids. So, it wasn’t unheard of for him to just walk into the bathroom without a second thought.

That was what prompted his first homeschooled sex ed lesson.

You see, Paul had plowed into the bathroom, spouting a question about some insufficient thing or other, with me in the shower.  I couldn’t hear him over the sound of the running water, so I popped my head out to ask him to repeat his question.

I had pulled the curtain aside to such an extent as to allow my right side to be exposed. My breast, my leg, as well as the curve of my hip, were in clear view.  He stopped mid-sentence, his eyes traveling up and down my form, slick and glistening from the water.

I looked at him for a moment wondering why he had suddenly become mute. And then I realized he was transfixed on my naked body.  I imagine walking in on your best friend’s mom in the shower would have that effect. Now like I stated before, Paul is a member of the family, and as such has the same privileges.

Now, remember, I had long since started my son’s homeschooled sex ed lessons, teaching him all about the birds and the bees, educating him on the subject of sex.

I had explained to my son about men and women’s bodies, and how they intertwine with each other (it is an on-going tutorial).  Now I know that some might label my mommy phone sex approach as taboo, being quite explicit with my teachings, but I take my role as his educator seriously. And as I’ve mentioned earlier, I believe in a “hands-on” approach to such things.

But I digress – Back to Paul’s temporary state of selective mutism

At that moment, I realized that Paul probably had had no such homeschooled sex ed lessons (as of yet).  I took the opportunity to rectify that little oversight. After all, he was a member of the family, and that meant his sexual education fell to me.

I pulled the curtain aside completely, allowing Paul to drink in the view of my naked body.  He started to turn a lovely shade of red as the blush started to flood his face, but he didn’t turn away – this was a good sign.

I smiled sweetly at him. Then I assured him that there was nothing to be embarrassed about. That the human body in its naked form was natural, and that his growing protrusion was a natural reaction as well. He looked down at his swelling penis as his blush was renewed.

Again, I reassured him, asking him if his mom has ever discussed such things with him. He shook his head meekly.  I reached out to him, taking his hands in mine, and pressed them to my still wet breasts.

I told him, “Don’t you worry, I’m here and I will teach you everything you need to know, answer all those questions you have, but were afraid to ask.”


And so began the homeschooled sex ed of my son’s best friend, Paul…

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Let the lessons begin!!

Your Free Sex Story & Homeschooled Sex Ed Guru,

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