Girls Having Sex on Spring Break: She Ate My Ass Part One

She smacked my ass and commented how she’d always loved my sexy ass.
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Is there anything better than spring break? Well, I can think of one thing: Spring break girls having sex!

My sophomore year of college, while on spring break in Tampa, I got to do just that! Keep reading and I’ll tell you all about my friend Kelsey and how she ate out my sweet pussy! Girls having sex is so hot, and I’m so excited to tell you about my college friend Kelsey, A gorgeous Puerto Rican with huge DD tits. She’s super outgoing and we’ve always had a lot of fun.

It was Spring Break of my Sophomore year and we were on the beach enjoying shot after shot of tequila. I was dancing and flirting with a few guys but honestly I wasn’t craving any dick that day. I found my eyes drifting to all the girls, how their hips moved to the music and their hot string bikinis. Kelsey looked great that day in a lime green bikini – she looked like a beach goddess with her tan legs and big bouncing tits! I danced with her all afternoon, and her body was making me so horny!

Off handedly, I asked her if she was turned on by girls having sex with each other. When she said yes, I confessed to her after dinner that she’d been turning me on all night. I was surprised at her response. She started flirting with me too! At the club later that night, her hands were all over my body and she kept whispering in my ear about how sexy I looked in my pink bikini. She smacked my ass and commented how she’d always loved my sexy ass.

On the dance floor as her hands gripped my ass, Kelsey’s tongue found my neck. I moaned aloud as her wet tongue traced up to my ear. “Let’s go up to the room, Emma.” She whispered as she nibbled on my earlobe.

“Mmmm… yes.” I replied. Back in the hotel room, we got busy as two college girls having sex on spring break. Kelsey pushed me back onto the bed, where her hands gripped my thighs as she pulled my bikini bottoms off with her teeth. She had her face buried in my pussy before I had a chance to think about it. It felt so good!

“Mmm you like that Emma? You like my tongue in your hot little pussy? Are you going to cum on it for me? Squirt that pussy juice all over my tongue?”

“I want to.” I pleaded. Her tongue was on my clit and her fingers in my cunt. I’d never had a guy eat me out like this. As my body tensed, she fingered me faster and sucked on my clit harder. “Oh right there, yes! I’m gonna cum!” She urged me on with her mouth still on my pussy. She licked it all up before crawling up to my face, kissing me hard. I could taste my pussy on her tongue.

“Roll over for me, I want to taste that sweet ass of yours.”

She practically growled. With my ass up and face down, she went back to eating my pussy. Her hot tongue danced in and out of my tight cunt, and then she began licking my tight asshole. I moaned into the sheets. “You’ve got such a tight ass Emma. I love how it tastes.” Her tongue was flicking my tight puckered hole, and as her tongue plunged into my tight asshole, I gripped the sheets. As her fingers began drilling into my pussy again, I moaned louder.

“Fuck Kelsey, I’m going to cum. Don’t stop.” Her tongue was diving in and out of my tight ass and I’m pretty sure my pussy was squirting all over her fingers as I came so hard. She took her hot little mouth all over my pussy and ass one final time as she cleaned me up.

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