Gimp Teasing – He Blew His Cum Load Into His Suit!

Gimp Teasing

I had an encounter with a gimp suit wearing slave. He thought that I was gorgeous and sexy and just wanted to please me. Naturally, I brought him home after meeting him in a club.

He did not bring out the suit until we walked into my house and sat down. It was definitely a surprise but I thought it was hilarious! So, he put it on and I strapped him in and zipped him up.

This was going to be fun… treating someone like a piece of dirt! I tied him to my bed and got out some paddles and floggers. He was so excited to see me standing over him with my paddle in my hand.

His cock was getting so hard inside of his tight, leather, black suit and he began to breathe harder. I gave him a quick wallop to the chest, he let out a very muffled “HNNNGG!!!” And I laughed with delight.

His eyes kept glaring under my skirt as I stood over him, choking him with my 8 inch heels. I smiled and asked, “Oh, do you like what you see? My pretty pussy in my panties?” He nodded enthusiastically.

I laughed and struck his hard dick with my wooden paddle. He started to cry as I wiggled my ass in his face, letting him look at something that he’ll NEVER touch. And his cock twitched inside of his suit.

“You’re going to cum, aren’t you?!”

Gimp nodded again, breathing harder than ever and lightly moaning. It made me sick to see him get pleasure from this! I should be the only one enjoying it! So, I stepped on his cock with my spiked heels.

I squished it hard, he cried like a baby, I laughed and then… he came in his suit. His heavy breathing made him pass out so I grabbed his wallet and treated myself to some fries from McDonald’s. Because being a bitch is a tough job.

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gimp teasing

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