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Enjoy Part 1 of my FREE SEX STORIES that WILL BLOW YOU and YOUR COCK AWAY.   This is Part 2 of the Free Sex Stories of my sizzling hot package delivery.

I couldn’t resist him any longer, as I reached down to unzipped his pants.  My pussy pulsated with pure excitement.  I was eager to have him inside of me. Grabbing his cock with both hands.  Slowly I slid my soft hands up and down his shaft.  Teasing him ever so gently with my long luscious nails. He was much bigger than I had imagined. I wanted to feel his cock sliding deep between my lips.  ( blow job phone sex ) I slid down his body and licked the tip of his cock teasing it with my tongue.  He put his hands on the back of my head and urged my lips down over the tip of it.

I held my lips tightly together and bobbed up and down his shaft from the tip to balls. Licking and teasing – just enough – I didn’t want him to get off before I had the chance to have him inside of me.  I slipped my lips up and down his shaft as I looked up at him with a smile.  After a quick tongue roll around the top of his cock, he took my hand and pulled me to my feet.

He pushed me against the wall and held me there, with his body firmly against mine.  He pinned both of my hands up over my head.  Exploring my body, searching for my tight, wet drenched hole with his other hand.  He gently began guiding his cock inside of me.  I moved my legs farther apart to grant him access.  I moaned as his thick cock slipped inside me and filled me with pleasure.   Once inside, he fucked me hard with thrusts that slammed my back against the wall. Fucking in perfect rhythm – deeper and harder I couldn’t get enough of his hard throbbing cock.

He couldn’t get enough of me, as he whispered: “I’ve always wanted a woman like you.”   He slipped his tongue into my mouth and kissed me as he continued to fuck me even harder. I began moaning uncontrollably.  My legs and knees grew weak, as I reached an orgasm.  My whole body quivered with pure ecstasy,  as my mind went blank for a few seconds.  I savored the moment of bliss, as I moaned in pleasure. Moments later he let out a quiet groan.  I could feel his hot cum inside of me, as he pumped me full.  ( Anything goes phone sex  )We stood for a moment motionless, just trying to catch our breath.  Cum began dripping down my legs, as he pulled out his wet cock.

Let’s share some free sex stories.  I’d love to give you all the naughty details.

Let’s be open-minded together and explore all some erotic Masturbation Phone Sex. Are you ready to have your limits pushed? Let’s get in touch with your KINKY side, as I push all your boundaries.

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free sex stories

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Welcome to my naughty world of hidden desires. I’m very open-minded and love all taboo fetishes and fantasies. My kinky early years established the foundation to my no boundaries personality. I love taboo role-playing from naughty young vixen to sultry goddess of tease and please. I'm an anything goes kinda girl...Don’t be intimidated my captivating stories. "Actions speak louder than words." My blogs are just a window into my secret world. All my hidden desires are waiting to escape for your pleasure. Let's push our boundaries together --- Call me 866-391-3835 ---- Let's share. Our Only Limitation is Our Imagination.

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