Fetishes: Everyone Has Them, Even The Girls At The Kingdom

When we got to the meeting area, I knew my two friends would be there. They are almost more twisted then me.

Fetishes are something everyone has. Some develop them through experiences and some just know what they are from the beginning.

I have my fair share of fetishes including impregnation and age play. But I have one fetish I have always kept under wraps. I can’t think of any specific experience that made this fetish of mine shine through. My secret fetish is I love dominating weaker men. I love making them beg at my feet and worship the ground I walk on.

When I caught Sabrina and Austin going at it, I knew it would be the perfect time to really explore my fetish. I had the perfect leverage against Austin. He was the type of guy who would never let someone who was counting on him down. Perfect for me of course, I knew he would do anything to protect Sabrina’s image. I told him he would be going for a drive and to just follow the address I entered on the GPS.

When we got to the meeting area, I knew my two friends would be there. They are very naughty and almost more twisted then me.

When I told Sophia that Austin was ours to do whatever we wanted to with she couldn’t stop smiling. She knew that he would be the perfect entertainment for our get together with all the girls tonight. Sara suggested that we start by taking all of his clothes to get him ready for everyone else. We all giggled together knowing everyone was going to have such a fun time. All of the girls coming have different fetishes, and Austin would serve as an outlet of fun for everyone.  I demanded Austin sit in the chair I put in the middle of the room, after he took his clothes off. He was so shy taking off all his clothes.

I knew that I had complete control over him for the rest of the night, and that made my pussy soaking wet. I was so tempted to go ahead and start the party, but I knew all the other girls deserved to get in on all this fun. Once I tied Austin up to the chair securely, I begin to get even wetter thinking about what Katrina would think. I’ve had a hot girl crush on her for a while.  She’s been an expert about teaching me to really control men.

Keep up with the naughty story by reading Katrina’s upcoming blog soon!

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