Fetish. Real Life Pretty Woman~ Sex For Money, Nothing Is Free

Fetish, welcome to the fetish blog. Whats your fetish?

Everybody cums here, this is Eve’s page. The land of kinks. Some fetishes come true some don’t. But keep on dreaming this is PhoneSex Kingdom. I will make you cum just talking about it. Here begins my story of a fetish. Every girl loves the story of Pretty Woman. When I was younger I fantasized about it.

Now that I am grown up my fantasy has become my fetish role play.

I love when I travel to the bad part of the neighborhood then text Michael. All I say is “Role Play”. Nothing else is needed. He knows that he better hurry up and find me. He also better have cash in hand to pay for his sex. There was one time he didn’t have cash so he had to make a detour to the ATM. Well, let’s just say he took to long. I was standing on the street corner and a guy pulled up to me.

Waving a $50.00 bill out the window asking if this will cover a blow job.

Hell yes, it will. I grab the money and shove it in my bra. Driving to the nearest ally my hand is undoing his pants. My ass up in the air as I bend over the center console just taking his hard cock in my mouth. Being quite big it was hard to take it all in. I was not going to give up. This man is paying for his blowjob and I am fulfilling my fetish. My eyes began to water as I choked and gagged a little. He had to be almost 10 inches.

I did not give up.

I sucked his cock, going up and down taking every inch of him in my mouth. He released his cum all down my throat. I kept sucking to make sure he had nothing left in his cock. As he dropped me off back at my corner I see Michael driving up to me. Jumping in his car I kissed him so passionately and then asked him if he can guess how I just made $50.00.

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