Fetish Play: Unexpected Reaction from an Enema Medical Procedure

This is my Tale of How a Medical Enema Can Turn into an Unexpected Fetish Play

I walk into your hospital room with a wicked little smile. Placing all my medical paraphernalia on the table by you, I then pull down the sheets quickly while explaining to you that it’s time for your “procedure”. I know you don’t think of an enema as a medical procedure, but it is what it is.  And I certainly know you never thought of it as fetish play.

Seeing the panic rise in your eyes as I pull down your underwear, you whimpering how it isn’t necessary.  I giggle slightly as I “tsk tsk” you, telling you that it’s for your own good.  I hang the prepared enema bag on the hook and then tell you to let your knees drop to your sides.  You don’t want to, but I force them down anyways.

Since you’re being uncooperative, I call for another nurse to assist me. You start to plead with me, saying that you won’t be difficult if only I would not call anyone else in. That you don’t want anyone else to see you this way.  I smile and I tell you it’s too late.  A young nurse comes in, sees you in your compromising position, and giggles.  She then asks me if I need assistance with the procedure, and I say yes, seems he’s not being very cooperative today.

Though you don’t know it yet, we nurses know this can turn into an unwanted fetish

I then place a glob of Vaseline on the nozzle, spread your ass cheeks and slowly insert the end piece into your tight little ass.  You turn beet red for being placed in such a compromising and vulnerable state, but I warn you that if you give us any trouble, that things may not go well for you.  You quickly shut your mouth and endure the embarrassment.  I then slowly release the clamp partially, letting the warm liquid flow into your waiting bowels.

Your abdomen starts to extend outward as the fluids fill every inch of you.  The sensation is oddly strange – and then you see the young nurse smile widely.  You realize what she is looking at – your penis has become fully erect with the administering of the enema.  I giggle slightly and tell you it’s perfectly normal, and that many men become aroused and erect with an enema.

Then I  turn to the young nurse and explain your “predicament”, and that sometimes it is necessary to help patients “relieve” themselves. I demonstrate to my helper how to hold your penis at its base. How to stroke up, then down your hardened shaft. How to increase the speed and rhythm of every stroke. And through all our ministration, the warm fluids seep into every inch of your bowels.

It’s becoming quite clear that the enema is morphing into an enticing fetish play

I tell her to clamp the tube once I see your abdomen fully extended, and pull out the nozzle.  The sensations are more than you can take.  I then tell her that she should get the bedpan because I don’t think you will be able to hold your water for very much longer. She slides the metal seat under you.  You can no longer hold back.  Your cock explodes as you release the water from your bowels.

I grin from ear to ear and say to you, “See? Now, don’t you feel better now?”

You’re beyond embarrassed but can only manage to nod your head. The young nurse laughs under her breath and proceeds to clean you up and take the bedpan away.

As we start to leave your room, I turn back to you and say with a wink, “Now I hope you are more cooperative tomorrow, or I will be forced to have one of the male nurses help me with your enema fetish… urr, I mean your ‘procedure’”.


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Bridgette Psk

Bridgette has always adored fetish play and finds them so erotically fascinating and just plain HOT. Being raised in a highly sexually curious environment, Bridgette has always thought that sexual awareness should begin at home. To that endeavor, she has sought to quench her thirst and appetites for not just fetishes, but for incestuous play as well. Being a phone sex MILF and Mommy has been one of the best ways to sate those desires. Bridgette was also introduced to the AB/DL world many years ago, and has been an AB/DL Phone Mommy for many years now as well.

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