Fetish: I Love Busting Little Bitch Boy’s Ball-sacks!!

I know all the girls are scared of your ball-busting fetish, but my pussy is dripping thinking of bruising those balls!!

Everyone has a fetish, you just love getting your nuts terrorized, don’t you fagboy?

I have this fetish, I love making little sissy’s balls sting with passion for hours.  Something gets my pussy wet every time I hear a little fag like you squeal in pain! I love sliding on my red, sharp stilettos on and turning you into my bitch!  I want you to come in and take your pants down and use your balls as my punching bag. I want to hear you groan as I slap, hit, step, poke, prod, and completely pummel those weak, sensitive little sacks between your legs!

I would make you pull your balls out and start to smack them with my black, leather riding crop.  I want to see you squirm as my crop bounces those feeble nuts back inside you, then just as your balls are turning beet red, I will have you lay down in my little bitch boy box.  Then I will put the top over you and yank that nutsack through the nuthole, and make you sit while I poke and prod those balls gently, making you anticipate when I will finally start mauling your balls.  I will traipse around the linoleum top, making you wonder when I’m going to make your balls singe with pain. Then, when I finally hear you breathing heavy in my box, I’ll kick those jewels until you’re begging for me to stop.  I know your sick fetish makes your cock rock hard, so I’m not done with you, yet!

I will take my stiletto heel and start stabbing them into those delicate little bean bags.  I want to poke through your nut sack and watch my sharpened heels turn red with your blood. I want to pop them like bulging, red little water balloons and hear you cry like the little queer bitch you are!  I will bring you to the edge and make you beg for more, and if you’re lucky I will make your useless little ass cum all over those pretty stilettos. I know all the girls are scared of your ball-busting fetish, but my pussy is dripping thinking of bruising those balls!!


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