FEMALE PRISON GUARD SEX STORIES: Now That’s What I Call “Restorative Justice”!

I love receiving calls from eager male submissives craving no limits, brutal femdom-style female prison guard sex stories.

Female prison guard sex stories make your masochistic chronic masturbator “brain” (head, really, of your cock — the only one you “think” with) go round. What better fantasy than your incarceration to indulge in “Independence Day”? If only I could un-liberate the “Founding Fathers,” i.e. those slave-owning syphilitic fucks. You’ll do for now. Let’s role play a day in the life of your femdom un-freedom, shall we?

My real “fantasy” is burning all the prisons to the ground once and for all. They’re worse than obsolete. However, I think part of the magic of phone sex is re-enacting scenes from “real life” on more interesting, (at least somewhat) cathartic terms. Your own terms. And when you call me, our own terms. Like “real” life sex, phone sex is a kind of theatre. And as far as punishment and/or imprisonment, I prefer a “restorative justice” model. Vigilante justice is one of my passions. FUCK reform, I’m going to administer a Twilight Zone-esque moral calculus to fit your crime.

Lethal injection? Ha. Let’s have more fun with our femdom torture fantasy call.

The female prison guard sex stories we write together don’t necessarily have to end in a death sentence for you, my male prisoner. I’m happy to merely sodomize you. Whether you live or die, my sadistic lady colleagues will all be watching the retribution I dole out. Here are a few ideas, i.e. historically tried and true trusty torture devices:

GIBBET CAGES / COFFIN TORTURE: Did you commit an offense that left long-lingering damage? Was your crime one that spanned a torturous, lengthy amount of time? You will be receiving exactly what you deserve, i.e. a slow death suspended in inaction. As you grow thinner and my female prison guard sex stories co-stars continue to starve you, we will tighten your cage. Think of it as a diet for your inner sinner.

THE SPIDER: Traditionally called the “breast spider” when it was used (mostly on) women in the past, it’s NOT the Dark Ages anymore. Your comeuppance is cumming, and perhaps I’ll let you cum one last time. Don’t get your hopes up, though! Historically, the spider was reserved to torture women who were accused of adultery, abortion or pretty much any other crime. Men should pay for these transgressions, as they are more often the culprit.

Most of all, I LOVE roleplaying hardcore snuff fantasy phone sex.

Here are some devices that will inevitably end in your death. As your female prison guard, it will be my civic duty to (slowly, cruelly) out out your brief candle using one of these methods:

THE WHEEL: There’s no way you’re going to survive this corrective treatment. Did you kill your wife? Lust after a young girl? Rape any woman? You’re worthless. And I will break you apart with my hammer. First I’ll tie you to a giant, human body-sized wheel. I prefer something upright, more William Tell style than on the ground. Next my female prison guard colleagues and I will fit your major joints to wooden pieces tied in between the spokes, all the better for striking them as we spin you around. As your limbs become increasingly broken, we’ll wrap them around the spokes of the wheel, laughing HYSTERICALLY as you weep your final tears.

THE JUDAS CRADLE: Did you lie? Did you not live a life that served the Goddesses? Sad, but the world will be better without you. Before lowering you down onto the stool that will rip your miserable asshole open, I’ll sharpen it. Of course, I’ll be kind enough to ask if you have any last words before lowering you cum-pletely down on the ropes. Maybe I’ll even ask if you want permission to orgasm one more time? Probably not!

Do you have another idea for a fucked up female prison guard sex stories scenario? Good. I’m all ears. And I am the warden.

My austerity is paralleled by none.

I love going dark places no other PSO will go during (preferably anti-white, but I’m versatile) racial humiliation sex. And I will have no scruples or superiors during our female prison guard sex stories call.

Don’t believe me? Ha. Time to cum find out for yourself, worm!

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