Fantasy Sex Stories – A Song of Fire & Ice Between Her Thighs

Fantasy Sex Stories – A Song of Fire & Ice Between Her Thighs

Fantasy sex stories! My favorite. Here’s a GoT themed one that I had with a client. It was HOT and sweaty and full of the Mother of Dragons and a sexy, pensive bastard. Fire & Ice Between Her Thighs!

(Yes, I know, they could be related, but this is an IF they just aren’t at all.)

Jon Snow had arrived at King’s Landing, in secret. He hears about Daenerys’ arrival in a secret hiding spot at the same time and he wonders why she would be there. Before too long, one of her messengers tells Jon to meet her in her hiding place.

He rushes to see her and finally speak to the Mother of Dragons. There she was, standing by the fire, close enough to be burnt but… she was fine. “My lady,” Jon bows, “I received your message to come.” Dany turns to Jon and smiles, “Finally, I meet Jon Snow. The king of the North. I have one question for you… are you here to help me overthrow this wicked queen?”

Jon stands quietly, staring into Dany’s eyes, “My lady, forgive me. I am taken by your beauty. Tales of your beauty are all over. And here I am, witnessing it, myself. But, yes. That is why I am here. She must be stopped.”

They spoke for hours on how to stop Cersei

Sitting close to each other, they could feel the chemistry of fire and ice building. They finally acknowledge the elephant in the room… and Dany stands in front of Jon and drops her robes. Jon stands and drops his cloak and pulls off his tunic and pants. There are no words anymore, only the moans of Daenerys as Jon kisses her entire body.

Dany lies on her bed and spreads her legs… Jon dives deep into her burning, hot pussy. There was nothing but the song of Fire & Ice between her thighs.

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