Fantasy Sex Stories-A Best Friend Becomes So Much More

Fantasy Sex Stories of the Benefits of a Best Friend Fantasy Sex Stories often is the difference between an ordinary woman on the phone and an erotic phone sex...
Fantasy Sex Stories
Best Friend throws in a Twist

Fantasy Sex Stories of the Benefits of a Best Friend

Fantasy Sex Stories often is the difference between an ordinary woman on the phone and an erotic phone sex goddess who knows your every desire.

One of my biggest fantasies involves my best friend becoming my very own porn star to play with.  He calls and asks if he can bring take out over on a Friday night.  We are dosing on the couch while watching a movie.  In my dream, I feel him slide down to my aching pussy.

As he takes his tongue to the wet flesh there, I understand. Those first few minutes are slow.  He strokes my stomach and thighs with strong palms as he eats me, lingering at my outer lips before suckling at the hood of my clit. Just before the heat of his mouth descends a second time, I realized I’m no longer dreaming.  He’s actually in between my legs and is giving me a serious tongue lashing.  I forget everything but my desire for the next blow of his very talented tongue.  It comes and my body is consumed with shivers.

I move with him as his fingers find my achingly wet pussy. Back and forth, back and forth. Choppy tempests.  Two fingers that seem to be playing me like an instrument. Stretching me just enough to make my cries echo. They sank right into the spot they found before and then my hands were in his hair, pushing. “There,” I urged. “Like that.” He swirled thick fingers inside.

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Mmph. Yes yes yes yes. “Like that.” The words vibrated around my clit and they felt so good, so good. He had the flat, forceful stretch of his tongue against me, and there was suddenly this edge to every stroke that had me trying to buck away. “Like that. Good girl.” His palm slid down my belly, holding me still to take it all. And I was terrified, I wanted him to stop, to let me come down from this place where naughty girls fall from because if I– Smack.

Suddenly I feel the sharp sting of a hard slap on my pussy.   My pussy was pulsing to the pounding of my heart that was echoing throughout my body.  Finally catching my breath I suddenly feel a second blow to my already dripping wet cunt.  Screaming with the ecstasy of pleasure and pain I pull him up my body.  His hard cock slides deep into me as we climax together.

Eventually, there was a damp forehead on my collarbone and it occurred to me that it was over.  “Are you okay?” he whispered. I prodded his chin, kissed his bottom lip. Licked the stickiness of myself from his cupid’s bow. “I’m good.” The smile, coy and flushed, almost split the corners of my mouth. “I’m very…very…ow.” His cock nudged at my come-swollen lips and he groaned as they sucked at him.  Looking at him with amazement I gasp.  “Again??”  Pulling himself up pointing to a tall stool in the corner. “I want you bent over that.”

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“Okay.” My thighs were slick as I staggered over to it. The leather padding sank beneath my elbows, and I moaned as Linc’s palm fell on my buttock in a crisp, flat spank.

“In my head,” he murmured, “you’re always bent over this.” How can somebody so familiar make me feel so wicked and dirty? He spread me with his fingers.  Admiring the sight before he pushes into my swollen lips. The contractions that had dulled in my pelvis sprang to life all over again at his sharp thrusts. One…two…three…why was I counting?

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