I get Double Dick Penetration while Masturbating on a Biking Trail

double dick penetration

Double dick penetration is great because what’s better than one dick? You guessed it- two dicks!

I’m feeling stir crazy in my house so I think I will go for a walk on the biking trail down the street from my house. There are a lot of people on the trail this evening. I keep getting really horny as I walk and feel my tight shorts clingy to my pussy lips. It’s good to see these horny men that must be as cooped up as I have been. Some with their shirts off running by me, others biking, and some even with their family. I thought I was finally alone and I couldn’t resist the urge of wanting to touch my sloppy wet pussy. Since my pussy was dripping through my shorts, the thought crossed my mind about getting double dick penetration. There are so many well-hung guys out here that could very well give me double dick penetration hard deep and fast.

I can tell their shafts are growing through their gym shorts as my eyes purposely wander down their bodies.

I’m sure they sense how horny and cock needy I am. There is a bench I plop myself down on. My fingers go down the front of my shorts and cling right onto my sloppy twat. My pussy lips are wetter than wet. I close my eyes and picture my pussy getting stretch to the very max. As I am fucking myself, I open my eyes to see two men in front of me. I am embarrassed but at the same time feeling like my prayers were answered. We make eye contact and they both walk over to me. They stand in front of my face with their throbbing hard packages begging to be released from their cock chambers. Once I release them, they spring out at my face. I devour each one with my mouth. My mouth and throat are getting double dick penetration.

I need them both to squeeze into my other dripping wet holes!

Slurping, sucking, tugging, and deep throating. I have missed cock so much. Shimming off my pants I spread my legs open, inviting the first cock to slip inside of me. I look down and watch as he pulls my pussy apart around his shaft. By the fifth thrust, my pussy is squirting all down his fuck stick. The other guy looks like he wants to join in. Before I can tell him to give me double dick penetration, he squeezes his cock right next to his friend’s dick. Both of them now are trying to squeeze inside of me. My honey pot is in heaven as it’s getting split in half. Looking down my pussy is stretching as far as I have ever seen it stretch. It hurts but I want them to go harder. I want them to beat my pussy up with those cocks.

As excited as I am to take these throbbing hard meat sticks, I am even more excited to get those hot sticky cum loads out of them!

“Please pump your cum all inside of my pussy hole!” I beg both of them to fill me up so that I am oozing cream. I want to be able to walk home and feel it dripping down my thighs. Who knows maybe I will have to stop again and play with my twat some more. If I do that I’m sure I’ll run into another batch of guys that are as horny as I am and desperately needing some of their cum taken out of their swollen nut sacks. I’m simply doing the community a favor by draining these loads out of men. Why be full of cum and trapped at home with their boring lives and wives!

Double dick penetration is exactly what my pussy needed in this time. Feeling a cock dominate my cunt made me forget about everything going on in the world. Almost like the time that I had hot airport gangbang sex.

So, if you are looking for naughty taboo phone sex call me so that we can have a good time having no limits sex! I hope you are down for me to drain those balls. 

Cassie PSK

Anything goes phone sex with Cassie will have you exploding. Whether it is incest phone sex or ageplay phone sex, this roleplay phone sex whore will keep you wanting more. There is nothing too taboo or off limits. She will keep your balls drained! Cassie is a young slut who may know a little too much for her age. She is downright naughty, horny, yet as sweet as can be. Cum let Cassie corrupt you.

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