Get Ready To Be My Dirty Naughty Cuckold Sissy Tonight

Naughty Cuckold Sissy

Are you ready to be my naughty cuckold sissy?

We’ve been dating for a while and now it’s time for you to be my naughty cuckold sissy bitch. My short skirts and tight low cut tops get you really excited, admit it. Don’t you just love the way that I show off my long legs, my tight round ass, and my perky little tits? I’m not dressing so sexy just to hang out with my girlfriends, you know. The truth is, you know I’m fucking other men behind your back, don’t you?

It’s pretty obvious, you always beg to eat my pussy when I come home from a night out with the girls. The way you moan and say my pussy has never tasted better. It’s like you’re just begging to be my naughty cuckold sissy bitch. You don’t really enjoy eating pussy that much do you? Secretly, you’re enjoying my hot, sticky, freshly shot cream pies. Do you like that way the load of cum glistens on my bald pussy lips? Look at how my tight fuck hole is gaping open?

Shopping with the girls doesn’t stretch my pussy open, just in case you’re delusional. Are you ready to be my out in the open naughty cuckold sissy bitch? Get ready to hear the words slip past my pretty pouty pink lips. I’m fucking so many men behind your back.  My hot tight pussy is being stretched and pounded every time I leave this house. These men make me moan like you have never and will never be able to. Your dick just isn’t nearly big enough to satisfy my desires.

I’m a total teen size queen and I’m not going to hide it.

You jerk off every time you see me walk out the door. You know that there’s a very good reason why I hardly ever let you fuck me anymore. I deserve sexual satisfaction!  Since you can’t do, I’ve found plenty of other men that can do it for me. In fact, you should personally thank these men for taking care of me like you can’t. After all, you do want the very best for me, don’t you? You do want me to be happy, don’t you? My happiness is the most important thing after all.

You’re lucky to have such a hot girlfriend and I know you don’t want me to dump you, do you? Besides, you are addicted to the taste of hot sticky cream pies, aren’t you? That’s why you haven’t said a word about becoming my naughty cuckold sissy bitch. You’re scared if it’s out in the open that I’ll stop cheating or just break up with you. Don’t worry, I like your money and I’m a selfish girl so I’ll keep cheating and bringing home those creampies for you to eat right out of me. As long as you’re a good boy, you can keep licking me clean for my next hot, sticky fuck.

If you’re really lucky, I might even let you watch me get fucked one of these days. Hey, I never claimed to be a tight innocent virgin did I? How does being my personal fluffer sound?

Call me when you’re craving naughty age play phone sex

Naughty Cuckold Sissy


Sophia is an addictive young teen phone sex princess who will soon have you wrapped around her little finger. She is the sweet girl next door with a very kinky twist. One taste of her honey sweet juices, her tight little holes and her sweet young phone sex voice in your ear and you are going to be addicted. Her nickname is the Energizer Bunny because she just keeps going and going...Nothing is too taboo or too extreme for this hot young teen. She'll take you places you've only dreamed about and leave you completely drained and aching for more.

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