Diaper Fetish Story: Being Forced into Diapers For Your Own Good (Part I)

Diaper Fetish Story: Being Forced into Diapers For Your Own (Part I) I bet when my neighbor Joey woke up this morning, the last thing on his mind was...
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Diaper Fetish Story: Being Forced into Diapers For Your Own (Part I)

I bet when my neighbor Joey woke up this morning, the last thing on his mind was that he was going to be forced into diapers.  Not only would he be forced into diapers, but the act would spark a hidden diaper fetish.  I mean, who thinks that, right?  Me, that’s who.  So much so that I have a special room for just such an occasion.

Joey was growing into a fine young man – sixteen and he already had the makings of a serious heart breaker.  Tall and lean and already had such defined muscles. Hey, a girl would have to be dead to not have noticed these things!  As such, I had frequently asked him to help me out with my yard work – mowing, landscaping, excavating and such (what good were all those fine muscles if one couldn’t avail oneself of them?).

So the other day I had him come over to take care of a little yard work. I was bringing him to the back of my property where I needed his help, when I noticed him squirming a bit.

“It’s right back here Joey.”

“Uhmm, ok, but I think I need to use your bathroom first.”

“Nonsense, we’re almost there – I’m sure you can hold it for a few minutes longer, can’t you?”

“Uhhh, sure…”

I started to show him the patch of poison ivy that had to be removed, explaining that a family of rabbits were in there amongst the bushes, so spraying a weed-be-gone product was not an option.  I looked back at Joey and saw that he had turn slightly away from me. Not only that, but he was standing in such an awkward stance that it made me pause.

It took a moment, but then it dawned on me what had occurred. Soon Joey was going to learn the joys of a diaper fetish

A slow knowing smile crossed my face, and I asked him what was wrong, the question seemingly innocent, though it was anything but. Oh he tried to shrug it off as nothing at all, or nothing big.

“Please Miss Bridgette, it’s nothing. Can we just drop it?”

“Now Joey, if it’s nothing, then you won’t mind standing up straight and look at me.”

His head fell forward for a moment, knowing that I was most definitely NOT going to drop it. As if he resolved himself to the embarrassment he was about to be subjected to, he turned to me, his face flushing with the knowledge of what I was going to discover – Joey had wet his pants. And we were both going to discover his reluctant diaper fetish.


To be continued…

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