Cuckold Spade Queen Keeps Order Between Cuck Cock

Cuckold Spade Queen

Cuckold Spade Queen leans in hard for this game she craves.

This Cuckold Spade Queen domination is always an intense experience. When dealing with a little dick, or even a teeny tiny prick, the key is to humiliate the guy attached to the tick tac short coming with evidence of what real men look like naked. All girls no matter what they say love big, thick, juicy dick. I never lie about that fact. I love big cock, and I never let anything little inside of me for a second. Nope, not this girl. I call up fat cock having, hot and built to please men who fuck me like the dick loving Goddess I am.

The best part is when I’m getting drilled from a real man. It’s sad really. I have to sleep with all the neighbors, and fuck ll your friends because I’m just too much for you, and you’re not enough of anyone haha. Forced Cuckold Spade Queen is what you deserve with that baby dick between your sad legs. Your doomed, but I can’t share your burden anymore.

I need to get fucked, and fucked right on a regular basis. I need to be made to moan and grunt my way to orgasm. And with you right there watching and seeing ll the things you can never do keeps you in your place. The place for losers. Wanna stroke it while you enjoy this Cuckold Spade Queen experience? You had better ask permission baby. I might just say yes, or laugh in your face.

Cuckold games are always a limit pusher, but the rewards are out of this world.

I’m like most girls, I like to kiss, I like my pussy licked to my satisfaction, and I love a big fat hard cock. Now with you the first two things are pretty good. So this is how things will go from now on, I will call over our BBC having neighbor and he will fuck me in all those hard to reach deep places that I need to get off hard and hot. You are going to sit right here on the edge of the bed and stay put without touching your baby dick and watch every thrust and push he uses to slide into my mouth for Humiliation Phone Sex while I look over into your eyes.

After his monstrous cock is throbbing and pulsing for me he will bend me over with my face near you and he will stand right behind me pounding my soaking wet little pink pussy. He’ll want you to see the expression all over my face when I’m in Role Play Phone Sex heaven by the beating my pussy is taking. Something you have never been able to do. You see our hot black neighbor is also a Bi Sexual man who loves to force CBT on a little Cuckold like you.

I can’t wait till he gets here.

Oh yes, I have already called him and he should be here any second. Are you ready for Cuckold Spade Queen play? I’m all ready for you. I hear a knock knock at my door, so I stand up and slowly walk towards Domination as I reach for the crystal doorknob. I sent that text about 10 minutes ago, and I hate to be kept waiting. You will need to learn a lesson in punctuality. I open the door wide seeing my fresh meat standing, waiting for me, cock already hard. You want it so bad, and I’m going to give it to you. As much as you can take, breaking you in to my liking. This latex black dress with fire-red piping hugs my curves like even the dress can’t get enough of my body.

The garters hold up shiny black latex leggings that practically paint my legs with liquid BDSM Phone Sex lust. My heels are miniature sky rises on my slender feet. I order you to your knees before one heavy breathing inch of you sets foot into my space. Dropping to the floor you acknowledge who is calling the shots today. “Good boy” I say as I pat you on the head. I turn and command you to follow closely. I want your nose to almost be up my skirt as I sway my hips leading you down the hallway. “Sit, and Stay” I say as I continue into my bedroom.

Alyssa PSK

Alyssa is your wild side of life. She loves getting naughty with you, but loves even more talking you through rubbing the biggest one out you've ever had. Kinky fetishes and erotic role plays, Alyssa can switch up her persona to match your hard on.

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