Cuckold sex stories, Let’s punish daddy and make him watch!

Cuckold sex stories, Let’s punish daddy and make him watch!!

Cuckold sex stories, Let’s punish daddy and make him watch!! If you like mommy phone sex and cuckold phone sex I think you are going to love this naughty kinky story. Don’t let my young age fool you I love to role play!!

Late one night I got out of bed as most mommies do, I always like to make sure the house is safe for my babies! I check my little girl’s room first. Her sweet face lax with sleep cuddled with her teddy bear in the moonlight. I walk down the hallway to my handsome little man’s room. I slowly open the door and it creeks making him jump practically off the bed. His cock was in his hand and it was throbbing hard. Flustered as he tried to hide his massive throbbing cock. I walked into the room as if I was mad at him and shut the door behind me. He was sitting on the edge of the bed he was afraid of what I would do next. I guarantee that he did not expect what happened next.

Cuckold sex stories, Let’s punish daddy and make him watch!!

I dropped to my knees in front of him uncovered his cock and he was still throbbing… My mouth started to water. I opened my mouth and started deep throating my son’s 15-year-old cock. Feeling his cock hit the back of my throat I felt his whole body shudder under me. He started to moan pretty loudly but I didn’t care I just sucked him harder and deeper. Suddenly I hear my husband his father screaming “WTF” as he tried to pry me from my son’s pre-cum dripping cock. I was so pissed I stood up and punched him straight in the face and knocked him the fuck out.

When he came to he was tied to a chair in the corner of the room. That is when he noticed me fucking our son taking his cock balls deep inside of me. You know he came in mommy!




Kylie psk

Kylie is a naughty submissive who's master has trained her in the expertise of sex and pleasing her man. she uses her expertise in role play to make your phone sex fantasies cum true. This cute little bisexual with a dirty mind and a fun imagination will keep you cumming and always wanting more.

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