Cuckold Fantasy – You Want To Watch Me Get Fucked

Cuckold Fantasy – You Want To Watch Me Get Fucked

Cuckold fantasy! You know that you want to watch me get fucked by a man with a much bigger cock. You dream about it and can’t help but get hard. Just thinking about me with another man makes you feel like less of a man because you are.

I can be your complete fantasy. You tell me that you want me to be fucked by another man whilst you watch and I can give you that fantasy. Just sit back and close your eyes. We can make your dream a reality.

You can paint me a picture of what you really want to go down. Maybe you want it to be a big black stud, maybe you want me to get it from a young hottie. Whatever you want, you can have it!

I can bring out my big dildos and pretend right along with you! I love to play along. You start to stroke just thinking about the surprise of finding me with a man in our bed. And you tell me “Okay baby. I’m ready.”

We start the fantasy.

Walking into our house you hear quiet moans from our bedroom. You follow the moans to find me on my back being pounded by a big black stud. You exclaim “Bailey!” And I laugh and tell you to sit the fuck down and be quiet.

I get on my hands and knees and he enters me from behind. And you feel your inferior dick begin to harden. I moan and cum fast, something you have never been able to do to me. The black stud smiles and smacks my ass as you stroke faster and faster.

Before too long the BBC cums into my pussy. I have you come closer and have you slurp up every drop of cum from my cunt.

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cuckold fantasy

Gentlemen, gentlemen! Step right up into the magical imagination of Bad Girl Bailey! Hear stories of lust and debauchery, vivid erotic fan fictions, intimate little secrets & confessions and much more! Let my delightfully delicious words fill your minds with wonder. Enjoy. ♥

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