Crazy Sex Stories And Women Sex Confessions Coming This Summer!

Crazy Sex Stories

You know how much I love to talk? Well, I thought that it would be best to write a blog post on this one.

Hey, stop rolling your eyes! 🙄

The warm, sunny weather is upon us and I have been given the opportunity to tour Europe this summer!!

Which means that I am changing my schedule.


But, I promise that I will have new and crazy sex stories for you every time that you call. Can you imagine how much European dick that I am going to tease, control and dominate? Along with your True Sex Confessions blog posts from your confession over the phone; I will be posting my own Women Sex Confessions. This way you get to hear ALL of the naughty details of my European getaway!

Crazy Sex Stories and Sensual Domination With Audrey 888.416.2401 (1)

SO…with that said. My ***NEW*** schedule will be:


12:00 AM – 6:00 AM CST

Or Contact To Set Up An Appt.


Crazy Sex Stories and Sensual Domination With Audrey 888.416.2401 (2)
Phone Sex Girls

are some of the kinkiest girls that you will ever meet. You should hear some of the crazy sex stories that the Phone Sex Operators at  PhoneSex Kingdom have. And, I am no exception. I know that I am going to have a blast with those European hotties, but I knew that I would miss the hot phone sex that you and I have. With that said, I thought that it would be super hot to bring you on this journey with me!

Crazy Sex Stories and Sensual Domination With Audrey 888.416.2401 (3)

Women Sex Confessions

After I started blogging about True Sex Confessions, I received a request for a female to make a confession over the phone so that we would have our first women sex confessions. We do not have a women’s sex confessions post yet, so I have decided that the first one will be my own true sex confession. What kind of trouble am I going to get myself into this summer?


And because I think you are absolutely amazing, I have a free NSFW video for you. 😘

When you place a call with me this summer, you will receive the link to view and download a mini sex movie of me along with your sexy nude pics via email.


Along with the new schedule, blogs and updates will be changing too.



  • New Blog Post



  • New Blog Post



Crazy Sex Stories and Sensual Domination Phone Sex With Audrey 888.416.2401


888-416-2401Crazy Sex Stories and Sensual Domination Phone Sex With Audrey 888.416.2401

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Hey, there sexy! I’m Audrey the Sensual Domination Phone Sex Goddess that you’ve always dreamed of. Escape the ordinary and treat yourself to a unique domination phone chat experience. My sweet personality and seductive voice will lure you in. Once you’re hooked; you’re fucked! I know exactly what I want and I’m never too shy to take control and have my way with you. If you’re looking for a woman with brains and beauty, look no further babe. I’m the total package and then some! My pantyhose sex stories will make you yearn for pantyhose domination. You’ll feel so relaxed with me that you won’t even realize that you just let a confession over the phone slip. Your secrets are safe with me, now let’s act out your secret with roleplay phone sex! Sensual Domination with me is an experience, unlike one that you’ve ever had before. I love cock control through edging, JOI, tease and denial, blackmail, orgasm denial and so much more! But, I also like to dive deep into the darkest corners of your mind, stimulate each and every one of your senses, leaving you breathless. Before you know it, you’ve fully submitted yourself to me. You look so good wrapped around my tiny little fingers!

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